We Can't Stop Smiling at This Cat's Permanently Sad Expression

This little kitten might be sad, but he sure knows how to make everyone else smile.

Meet Luhu, the saddest cat on Instagram.

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Luhu's mournful expression is the result of an eye infection when he was just a baby. Even though he recovered and is now completely healthy, the infection resulted in a permanently sad expression for the poor lil guy.

No matter what he's doing, the cuddly kitten always looks just a little bit upset.

#luhu :" oh weekend !" – – #cat #cute #catsofinstagram #lovely #angel #adorable #sadcat #

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However, his mournful expression has made him internet-famous. Even though he looks sad, you can't help but say "awww" at those big, gloomy eyes.

Angel face ~ #luhu #cat #cute #catsoftheday #catsofinstagram #lovely #sadcat

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In fact, Luhu's owner has more than 141,000 Instagram followers who are all in love with the sorrowful kitten.

Even if he can't alter his expression, Luhu's loving owner and exciting Instagram adventures suggest that he's probably a happy camper—we'll just never be able to tell!

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