Sadie Jean Keeps Hope for Her Lost First Love in Stunning New Single 'Locksmith'

Singer-songwriter Sadie Jean absolutely broke our hearts with her hit song "WYD Now?" earlier this year, and the follow-up track, "Locksmith," continues the story to make it hurt even more.

While "WYD Now?" was all about the aftermath once a first love runs its course, almost being trapped in the past as you wonder about what could have been, "Locksmith" takes the smallest of steps forward, without letting go of that hope. This time, in the form of an irresistible, acoustic-backed ballad, Sadie asks him if, just maybe, they could start all over again in 10 years, once they've both had the chance to grow. With Sadie's pure voice, the track is hard-hitting and honest, fraught with the pain of knowing he may be the only one who will ever hold the key to her heart. We simply had to learn more, and we had the chance to ask Sadie Jean herself precisely what the song and its lyrics mean to her.

The Story Behind 'Locksmith'

Sadie Jean: "Locksmith" is a song about that one person who you will always have a soft spot for, no matter how long it's been. Experiencing a love that never really goes away is so weird and exhausting and sad. I wrote this song to give myself some sort of closure, without fully closing the door.


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What 'Locksmith' Means

SJ: This song was very cathartic to write and I hope it offers that comfort to my listeners as well. This specific kind of "closure" was something I've been needing to hear in a song, which is why I wrote it. I hope it brings my listeners peace knowing they aren't the only ones who still have hope for that one person, no matter how long it's been.

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Sadie's Favorite Lyric

SJ: "You're the one that I can see me growing old with. Build a house, I see it now, you plant me roses." Every time I hear that part of the song, I want to cry. The imagery is super personal to me, but also so simple. Every lyric of this song just felt like it came together so perfectly and easily.

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