Safe and Sound Cover Features Zendaya, Max & More!

Kina Grannis, Max Schneider and Zendaya have joined Kurt Schneider in creating an absolutely incredible cover of Capital Cities' "Safe and Sound" for Coca-Cola!Safe and Sound, Max Schneider, Zendaya, Kurt Schneider, Kina Grannis

Kurt Schneider created the instrumental portion of the cover using bottles, cans, cups and other instruments from Coke products. We are totally impressed with the results and this new version of "Safe and Sound"!

Together, the four artists created four different version of the song. Kina, Zendaya and Max each created a version singing the lead vocals, and in Kurt's version, the three singers take turns!

In classic Kurt Schneider video fashion, each video shows the artists performing in a house, continuously moving from room to room in an incredible, ever-moving scene!

We love that each musician was given their chance to shine, and their vocal harmonies sound incredible!

Check out Kurt's version of "Safe and Sound" below, and be sure to join our community at if you're fans of these incredible artists!