These Bold Memes Are the Perfect Way to Celebrate the Start of Sagittarius Season

While you may have been too busy chowing down on your turkey to notice, Sagittarius season has officially begun.

Starting on Nov. 22, we switched into the fun, carefree and open-minded season of the zodiac. But of course, even the most optimistic of zodiac signs have their flaws, giving us plenty of material to craft some truly fantastic jokes.

So sit back, relax and celebrate the start of Sagittarius season with these bold memes.

1. Better get on board:


2. Oops, we did it again:


3. Maybe we could have toned it down a little bit:

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4. Where do we click to unsubscribe?


5. So happy to be surrounded by our best friends:


6. Isn't honesty supposed to be the goal?


7. Waiting? Patience?! This is unacceptable:


8. Ew, gross:


9. The perfect pair:


10. Our worst nightmares:

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11. This is an impossible decision:

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12. No, thank you:


13. Ugh, where did we go wrong?


14. We didn't realize we'd actually have to share our feelings:


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