Things All Sagittarius NEED to Have in a Successful Relationship

Sagittarius-born are known for being extra fickle in their romantic relationships.

They tend to fall in love quickly, but their emotions are often unreliable. Still, it's not that Sagittarius is incapable of having a long-lasting relationship—they just need the right ingredients to make things work.

Keep scrolling for the five things all Sagittarius need to have in a successful relationship.

1. Something to Fight for

Despite their happy-go-lucky personality, Sagittarius is still a Fire sign. Therefore, they're not fulfilled—or even fully engaged—unless they feel as though they have something to fight for. It's not that Sagittarius-born need a relationship full of games, they just need to feel that their partner is worth the struggle they're putting themselves through. Someone who has a life of their own and an intense sense of independence will be best for a Sag, as they need to feel as though they're fighting to keep up with their partner in order to capture their full attention.

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2. A Sense of Purpose

Despite their need for an S.O. who's independent and self-sufficient, Sagittarius also have to feel needed in their relationship. It's not that they want a partner who genuinely craves their support, but they do need to feel like they're adding something to their S.O.'s life. Even if it's as simple as bringing a sense of laughter or providing their S.O. with deep, meaningful discussions, a Sagittarius needs a sense of purpose in a relationship. Otherwise they'll believe that they're useless in this romance and find a relationship that makes them feel necessary.


3. Controlled Adventure

If there's one thing a Sagittarius needs in their life, it's adventure. They crave excitement and activity, but they're not very realistic in terms of what they can actually accomplish. They need a partner who will go along with their ridiculous and sometimes-crazy ideas…up to a point. When things look genuinely dangerous or unsafe, they need a partner who will rein in their enthusiasm.Once the negative side effects of their plan are pointed out, they'll pull back, but they can't stand a partner who limits their independence out of unfounded fear or worry. Basically, a risk-taker with a healthy dose of realism is the perfect partner for a Sagittarius.


4. Honesty

All relationships require honesty, but for Sagittarius-born, truthfulness is the foundation of all feelings. In fact, their entire life is about their search for ultimate truth, whether in a relationship or out. They need a partner who is unquestionably sincere and candid, as total honesty is the only way they'll be able to figure out their own, often-confused feelings and sort out their inner beliefs. Honesty isn't just a relationship foundation for a Sagittarius, it's the only thing that truly matters to them in the end.


5. Respect for Their Personality

Sagittarius-born are not prone to changing elements of who they are. They're often pushy and tactless in their evaluations of other people, which can lead to quite a few awkward situations for their partners. However, their need to impose their opinion on others comes from a good place, as they genuinely believe that their ideas hold the answer to other people's happiness. More importantly, they'll never be content with a partner who feels they need to change, even if it's to improve some of the harsher aspects of their personality. Total respect for who they are, good and bad, is imperative for a Sagittarius in order to have a good and fulfilling relationship.


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