7 Things You Should Expect During This Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius season 2019 is fully underway.

On Nov. 22, we transitioned into this optimistic and adventurous season of the zodiac. Unlike the dark and mysterious energy of Scorpio season, the sun in Sagittarius embraces a light and bright attitude full of fun and enthusiasm.

So what does the sun's transition mean this year? Keep scrolling for everything you should expect during this Sagittarius season.

Thinking About the Future

With this past Scorpio season combined with Mercury retrograde, you've probably felt an intense need to look within over the past month. Sagittarius, however, is focused on the world around them. They have an open mind and they're much more concerned about external events than anything that's happening inside of them. Over the course of this season, don't be surprised if you're suddenly inspired to think about the future. Sagittarius encourages you to think about your goals and do what you need  to pursue them. You might not get it all figured out over the course of a month, but you should expect to be hit with some major motivation to look at the big picture this season.

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Fun, Fun, Fun

Don't be surprised if your silly side comes out this season. Sagittarius is lighthearted, full of adventure and very extroverted. Even if you're normally a homebody, you may find that you're going out more and more over the course of the next month. Some seasons are sad and introspective, but Sagittarius is all about fun! Let loose and enjoy their cheerful energy—it only comes around once a year.


An Enhanced Ambition

During Sagittarius season 2019, Jupiter will move into Capricorn. The planet of luck and opportunity meets the hard-working, goal-oriented sign, creating a powerful combination. Paired with Sagittarius' future-oriented mindset, this season is a particularly good time to chase your dreams. Not only will you feel an enhanced sense of ambition and commitment to your work, you'll also find that things fall into place a little more easily, moving you slowly towards your biggest goals.

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A Need For Adventure

While Scorpio season had you hiding away and wallowing in your own feelings, Sag season sparks a need for adventure. Don't be surprised if you're suddenly itching to get away, even if it's just for a single day. Take advantage of this adventurous push. Plan a fun trip with friends or try a new activity. Whatever you do, you're guaranteed to enjoy it, especially if you embrace Sagittarius' optimistic point of view.


Positive Thoughts

Speaking of an optimistic point of view, this is the season of happy thoughts. There's not much that can bother a Sagittarius. Thankfully, we all get to embrace this glass-half-full approach during this season of the zodiac. Expect a lot more positivity in your life over the next month. If you pay attention, you'll find that things just don't bother you as much as they used to. Negativity has no place in Sagittarius season. Banish those sad thoughts and embrace an idealistic frame of mind that perfectly fits the start of the holiday season.

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Along with their optimism, Sagittarians are also pretty confident in who they are. They know what they want and they know how to get it. Not to mention, they do think they're pretty great. While Sagittarians themselves benefit most from the energy of Sagittarius season, you can expect everyone to feel a little extra confidence boost over the course of the next month. Don't question it—just roll with it. If you feel like you know the right choice to make, follow your gut. Let your self-assurance take the lead because you'll certainly be feeling more of it during Sag season.


Struggling to Hold Your Tongue

Of course, Sagittarius season isn'all good vibes and happy times. This zodiac sign also struggles to keep their opinions to themselves. They're known for being brutally honest and totally tactless, which is a trait we'll all be feeling this season. If you find that you're struggling to hold your tongue when you're upset, blame it on Sag season. However, that's an urge you should fight against. Don't let this loud-mouth sign come between your relationships. Whatever is said in Sagittarius season doesn't stay in Sagittarius season.

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