A Ridiculously Cute Sailor Moon Café Is Opening Later This Month

If you're Sailor Moon-obsessed, you may want to start thinking about booking a plane ticket to Japan to see the incredible pop-up Sailor Moon Café.

A chance to visit the shop is only available by reservation, but if you're like us and aren't going to be able to see it in person, you're free to scroll through and see the scrumptious treats they have on offer.

While some pop culture-inspired cafés seem to specialize in only cute drinks and desserts, the Sailor Moon Café didn't forget to include more substantial foods on their menu. These Artemis and Luna cat-themed hamburgers come complete with a cheese cutout in a crescent moon cutout.

Sailor Moon Café: Artemis and Luna burgers

(via Sailor Moon Café)


These croissant sandwiches may be packed with some odd ingredients, but it still looks irresistible. One appears to come loaded with hardboiled eggs, shrimp and sprouts while the other looks like it features thickly cut bacon and pesto. It even appears to come with a small cup of crescent soup.Sailor Moon Café: Croissant sandwiches

(via Sailor Moon Café)

This unusual Tuxedo Mask curry is black as night and decorated with rose petals. Nothing could be more appropriate to the masked hero.

Sailor Moon Café: Tuxedo Mask black curry

(via Sailor Moon Café)

Inspired by Sailor Mar's Burning Mandala, this fruity dessert is topped with toasty marshmallows and hearty chunks of fruit in a stunning red glass.

Sailor Mars Burning Mandala fruit dessert

(via Sailor Moon Café)

This creamy jelly dessert represents Sailor Mercury's bubbly Sabão Spray attack, complete with a layer of sweet foam.

Sailor Moon Café: Bubble Blast jelly

(via Sailor Moon Café)

These bespectacled waffles, served with whipped cream and what appear to be mangos, are inspired by Sailor Venus' Love-Me Chain attack.

Sailor Moon Café: Sailor Venus Love Me Chain waffles

(via Sailor Moon Café)

Of course, they also have super cute drinks. These smoothies adorned with the faces of Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon come in creamy mango and strawberry flavors.

Sailor Moon Café: Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon smoothies

(via Sailor Moon Café)

And perhaps our favorite item on the menu is this Luna cotton candy soda. To enjoy the beverage to its fullest, you're supposed to pour fizzy water over the cotton candy cat head, dissolving it into the drink. We're not sure how it would actually work out in practice, but it sounds sweetly satisfying.

Sailor Moon Café: Luna cotton candy soda

(via Sailor Moon Café)


Even their to-go items are a sight to behold. This dessert toast comes with its own little carrying case with crescent moons and bunnies, and their fruity basil lemonade comes in a refillable Sailor Moon Café bottle.

Sailor Moon Café: Dessert toast and basil lemonade

(via Sailor Moon Café)


If you are one of the lucky few in Japan who can see the Sailor Moon Café IRL, you'll have to keep an eye out. You can buy reservation tickets online and visit the cafe yourself in Tokyo from Sep. 22 to Oct. 29, Sep. 28 to Nov. 5 in Osaka or from Sep. 29 to Nov. 5 Nagoya. Be sure to take lots of pictures for us if you do!


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