Sailor Moon-Inspired Gifts for the Sailor Scout in Your Life

Know someone who's obsessed with all things Sailor Moon?

You're in luck, because we've found some magical gifts perfect for the Sailor Scout in your life. They're full of moon tiara magic, and then some!

Start scrolling to see them all.

Luna Dad Hat: $14.99

How cute is this Luna dad hat?! And because it's black, it can easily be paired with any outfit. If your Sailor Moon-loving bestie is more of an Artemis fan, this cap comes in white, too.

Sailor Moon Luna black dad hat

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Proplica Cosmic Heart Compact: $80.55

This makeup compact is an exact replica of the third transformation brooch Sailor Moon used to transform herself into the moon princess. We're not sure it will have the same effect on anyone who uses it, but here's hoping!

Sailor Moon makeup compact

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Sailor Moon Tarot Phone Case: $25.99

Serena has never looked more regal than on this tarot card-inspired phone case.

Sailor Moon tarot card iPhone 6 case

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Sailor Moon Bow: $15

These hand-crafted bows can be made for any of the Sailor Scouts. So if you know someone who loves Sailor Jupiter, there's a bow for them!

Sailor Moon bow

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Luna Crossbody Bag: $21.85

This Luna-inspired bag can be worn as crossbody purse or a backpack. Not to mention, it's simply adorable.

Luna crossbody bag

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Sailor Scout Socks: $13.05

Socks are definitely a practical gift. These Sailor Scout-inspired ones have a more personal touch than if you were to give that Sailor Moon-lover in your life plain, old white socks.

Sailor Scout socks

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Star Locket Necklace: $13.30

Another transformation item, the star locket probably won't turn you into Sailor Moon, but it looks cute—and that's all that matters, right?

Sailor Moon locket necklace

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"Fighting Evil by Moonlight" Baseball Tee: $19.99

Fighting evil by moonlight is no easy feat. Therefore, it's most definitely cardio.

Fighting Evil by Moonlight Sailor Moon baseball tee

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Sailor Scouts Tiara Rings: $5

Wearing an actual tiara is a little excessive, but these rings are a simple way to express some Sailor Scout love. They can be worn as a set, or individually. Definitely a win-win!

Sailor Moon tiara rings

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Luna Decal: $2.73

This Luna decal looks purrfect on a laptop, but it can stick to just about anything.

Luna decal

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Sailor Scouts-Inspired Lip Balms: $3.50

Each Sailor Scout has inspired their own unique flavors for each lip balm. From Strawberry Buttercream for Sailor Moon to Basil Lime for Sailor Jupiter, the flavor profiles are spot-on for each Sailor Scout's personality.

Sailor Scouts-inspired lip balm

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Sailor Moon Pin Pack: $11

One of the best ways to accessorize any sort of jacket or purse is by sticking some pins on it. And these Sailor Moon-themed pins are ideal for any fan.

Sailor Moon pin pack

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