This Sailor Moon mani might be the most absurd nail art we’ve ever seen.

The artist, who goes by the name of Wuudy, created this elaborate nail art through a process that involved first sculpting the top halves of each Sailor Senshi, using wooden skewers to give the girls form.

Once fully painted, a small magnet is attached to the bottom of each nail, allowing Wuudy to clip on the characters’ bottom halves, created in a similar fashion, for the full effect.

Of course, these Sailor Moon nails are a sight to behold—but they’re not exactly practical. The magnetic clip means that you only need to wear the entire set when you’re ready to show them off.

We’re anticipating that this innovation will inspire even bigger, more elaborate nail clip-on nail art. The possibilities are pretty much endless, so get cracking, nail artists!


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