Can This Massage Ring Really Help You De-Stress? We Found Out

Dealing with stress is never easy, nor is it fun, but it has to be done.

As someone who's regularly stressed out to the max, sometimes for no reason at all, I know how agonizing this process this can be.

I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty good at hiding my hardships from the rest of the world, presenting a faux calm demeanor as if everything's fine. Inside, it's not. I'm always on edge, which makes it difficult to focus on everything I need to get done throughout the day.

Because of this, I'm always open to trying any and every product that promises to bring an end to my troubles.

When my coworker Dahvi told me about Saje Natural Wellness and the plethora of stress-relieving items they create, I quickly gave their site a glance and was immediately drawn to their Relax-O-Ring massage ring.

Sage Natural Wellness' Relax-O-Ring massage ring opened in the box

A small copper coil, this accessory uses the power of reflexology to bring peace and harmony to your life by stimulating various reflex points and their corresponding energy zones.

Massaging it over the thumb soothes and relaxes. Doing so on the index finger inspires peace and encourages a clear, fluid mind. Running it up and down the middle finger brings harmony to your spirit. Pushing it over your ring finger promotes feelings of positive energy. Using it on your pinky helps you tap into your intuition and stimulates inspiration and inner wisdom.

Intrigued by its promises, I picked myself up a ring. Plus, it's only $4.95, so it's not like it'd set me back a ton if it didn't work.

Saje Natural Wellness' Relax-O-Ring massage ring on the index finger of a young woman

Using the ring was pretty straightforward. The instructions stated to roll it up and down each finger from top to bottom. It's recommended that you do this for five to 10 minutes on each finger, but you can vary the time to find what works best for you.

I knew I wouldn't be patient enough to sit down for an hour while only massaging my fingers with the ring, so I mindlessly did it at various moments throughout the day.

It was unreal how quickly I noticed the results. After using it for about five minutes, I realized I was able to focus on my tasks at hand much easier. Normally, I have a million different thoughts running through my brain while I'm working on something, but after using the ring, that didn't happen when I had to get down to business (yes, to defeat the Huns).

It brought me back to reality and definitely eased my pain way faster than I was expecting.

While I initially used it on all my fingers, I noticed more of a difference when I massaged it up and down my thumbs and index fingers.

For those of you like me who get stressed out easily, I would highly recommend giving this product a try. It does the job and it doesn't take much effort on your part to get the ball (or should I say ring?) rolling.

A calmer mind is on the other side of this ring.


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