Sam Fischer Reveals the Meaning Behind His Uplifting New Single 'Pick Me Up'

Sam Fischer's Demi Lovato collab "What Other People Say" put the Australian singer-songwriter on our radars in a big way. He's instantly become a Sweety High fave.

That's why we were so thrilled when we got to listen to his new feel-good single, "Pick Me Up," made in collaboration with Dutch DJ and producer Sam Feldt. The upbeat and optimistic track is just what we need right now—and we got the chance to ask Sam Fischer all about what the song means to him, and precisely how it came to be.

Sweety High: What was the songwriting process behind "Pick Me Up"?

Sam Fischer: "Pick Me Up" is a song I wrote in L.A. a while ago with Geoff Warburton and Petey Martin. If you've ever listened to my songs, you'll know they're not the happiest bunch, so it felt good to write an uplifting song for once! Sam Feldt got involved after he remixed my song "What Other People Say." I've been a fan for a while so we thought it would be a cool opportunity to send him something, and so we sent him "Pick Me Up" and he came back with absolute gold. It's been a really fluid, easy collaboration.

SH: What does the track mean to you? Was there a specific instance or person that inspired it?

SF: It's just at its core a really sweet, beautiful song about the person in my life who makes me feel the most me when I'm struggling to find myself. For me, that's my wife Erin. Wouldn't be who I am without her.

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SH: What types of things always help you pick you up when you've fallen down?

SF: Honestly, talking something out with someone who is able to meet me where I've fallen down emotionally and make me feel like my feelings are valid before guiding me out of the state I'm in. That and food. I'm normally hungry when I'm heartbroken, so that always helps.


SH: How did this collaboration with Sam Feldt come about? What do you think he uniquely lends to the track?

SF: It came about really organically. Sam had absolutely blitzed a remix of my song "What Other People Say" and we were keen to do something original, so Sam heard "Pick Me Up" and went hard with it, added his signature horns and banging track and here we are!

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SH: What's your favorite lyric from the track?

SF: "When I can't find the answers in the wind and I falter you pick me up again."


SH: Is there anything else you want people to know about the song?

SF: Let yourself feel this song and dance like you've been kept inside for a year and you're finally allowed out on the dancefloor with every person you love.

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