Everything You Should Know About On the Outside's Sam Jenkins

Boy band On the Outside offers the perfect blend of pop and country, creating music that crosses boundaries while constantly wowing new fans.

Lately, we've been utterly obsessed with OTO, and we know we're not the only ones. The band is constantly growing as artists and as people, and their Make Positivity Go Viral campaign, which encourages fans to understand their worth, makes us love them even more.

Curious about the guys? Here's everything we learned about the band's Sam Jenkins as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Sam Jenkins Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Malik Daniels)

Name: Samuel Douglas Jenkins

Birthplace: Willoughby, Ohio (though he was a military kid who moved around a lot)

Birthday: Feb. 22

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Fun Facts:

1. Sam's favorite movie genres are rom-coms and thrillers.

"Rom-coms are so cute and funny and have good endings, but psychological thrillers challenge your brain while you watch."

-Sam Jenkins

2. It may surprise people to know he's a big Jack Johnson fan.

"I love his organic feel and honest lyrics. Also, his music was very integral to my childhood."

-Sam Jenkins

3. He says he's both an early bird and a night owl.

"I really like both! Mornings, because I love how still and sleepy everything is and watching the world wake up! Night is when you feel loose and ready to party."

-Sam Jenkins

4. He's always wanted to go diving.

"Exploring the ocean is so exciting!"

-Sam Jenkins

5. He says the one app he can't live without is his bible app.

"It helps center me and reminds me to try to love like Jesus."

-Sam Jenkins

6. He says "Paris in the Rain" by LAUV might be his favorite song of all time. If not that, it has to be the VeggieTales theme song.

7. He has quite the story about joining the band.

"Jon had told me about the band before he even decided to join way back in early 2018. I thought he was going to invite me to be a part of it, but he didn't think of that yet. Finally, after they had recruited Dawson, Jon pitched me for the slot. After joking around with Devin and singing for him, I was invited to fill the role of final member."

-Sam Jenkins

8. He says his role in the band is maintaining balance.

"I try to see (and help others see) everyone's point of view, reading the tone of the room and acting accordingly, whether that means cracking a joke or giving someone a loving hug."

-Sam Jenkins

9. Junk food is his biggest guilty pleasure.

"Chips are always sneaking their way into my life."

-Sam Jenkins

10. He says the band's Make Positivity Go Viral campaign is all about spreading love exponentially.

"If we all treat people positively, the impact will be truly immeasurable! And that's why we launched the #HowBeautifulChallenge."

-Sam Jenkins

11. At Sam's core, he simply wants to help people.

"I know that humans are very broken people, and I am definitely one of them. I am in no way perfect nor do I have all of the answers. But Jesus did not give up on me and my life was salvaged. We need to love each other, no matter how different we or our beliefs are! I know we will get there."

-Sam Jenkins


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