Sammi Sanchez's Sweety Spotlight Interview Is More Than "Talk"

The latest episode of SweetBeatTV's Sweet Spotlight brings Sammi Sanchez into Sweety high Studios for some "Talk" and a lot more. Watch the episode and check out some of our favorite highlights below.

Sammi Sanchez has often been compared to Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato. Does the connection hold up?

jennifer lopez plus demi equals sammi sanchez

YUP. Sammi loves sees both of them as huge influences (citing "Catch Me" and "Jenny From the Block" as a couple of her favs).

sammi sanchez loves jennifer lopez's jenny from the blog and demi lovatos catch me

She also dishes on her talent show days. Watch her singing "This Is Me" below!

And we learn all about what it was to of On the Road to the RDMAs with Sweet Suspense.

sammi sanchez and her boyfriend on the way to the rdmas

(via Radio Disney Insider)

Plus, Sammi and Alex play a game of "Talk, Talk, Talk," or as it's better known, Heads Up! Who will win?

sammi sanchez plays heads up app game talk talk talk

Last but not least, Sammi gave us a very special acoustic rendition of "Talk" like we'd never heard it before. Be sure to listen and let us know what you think.

sammi sanchez performing talk acoustic with boyfriend

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