How Sammy Gorin Art Combines Pop Culture and Self-Expression to Help People Connect

We're not exaggerating when we say that we fell in love with Sammy Gorin Art at first sight.

With every piece designed by Sammy Gorin herself, the brand turns iconic pop culture moments into the cutest prints, paintings and stationery, including stickers, greeting cards and more. They're just the thing for fans to show off their love, as well as connect with those they share their fandoms with, and we got the chance to chat with Sammy to learn all about her history with art, what inspired Sammy Gorin Art and what being an entrepreneur means to her.

Name: Sammy

IG Handle: @sammygorinart

Hometown: Hewlett, New York

Zodiac sign: Leo


1. When she was a kid and just started drawing, Sammy would draw all of her favorite cartoon characters.

"I have sketchbooks from elementary school filled with Nickelodeon characters. Eventually, my sketchbooks turned into canvases and the cartoons turned into celebrities and musicians I admired. So, rather than a defining moment, it was more of a natural transition."


Sammy Gorin Art headshot

(Image courtesy of Sammy Gorin Art)


2. Sammy wants to be seen as an artist, rather than a brand.

"I feel like using my name makes it easier for me to achieve that. I also want my followers and customers to know that when they like my posts or buy my products, they're supporting an actual person, not another faceless company."



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3. Sammy says her mission is to help people build deeper connections, laugh out loud and express themselves.

4. One thing that sets her apart from other artists and stationery companies is her nimbleness.

"I worked in social media marketing for nine years, so staying on top of trends and knowing how to quickly join the conversation is second nature to me. Most stationery companies release new products a few times a year, but in the world of pop culture, you need to be ready to push out content and products as things are happening in real-time."


Sammy Gorin Art greeting cards

(via Sammy Gorin Art)


5. It's important to her not to tear down others in order to lift herself up.

"The saying about someone else's success not being your failure has made a huge impact on me as I've grown over the years."


6. At the moment, her favorite items in her shop are the ones loudly speaking for women's rights.

Sammy Gorin Art Olivia Benson sticker

(via Sammy Gorin Art)


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7. She says the most rewarding thing about her work is when someone shares how hard they laughed at one of her stickers or cards.

"I create products to help people feel seen and express themselves, so I love hearing when my work brightens someone's day."


8. Staying organized, in every sense of the word, has gotten her to where she is today.

"As a one-woman business, time is tight, so efficiency is key. Earlier this year, I dedicated a few days to building processes for every aspect of my business. I now spend less time looking for files and taking care of tedious tasks and more time doing what I want: art."


Sammy Gorin Art pop culture greeting cards

(via Sammy Gorin Art)


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