Celebrity Nail Tech Samantha Ramirez, AKA Samy Nails, Dishes on Working With Karol G and More

Lately, we've become slightly obsessed with discovering the incredible artists behind our favorite celebrity nail looks.

How exactly do nail techs make such stunning looks that are so personalized to the stars they work with? We recently caught up with Samantha Ramirez, also known as Samy Nails, to find out. She's been responsible for incredible nail looks on Karol G, Becky G and many more stars, and we got the chance to ask her about the life of a celeb nail tech and how her designs come to be.

Sweety High: How have you established yourself as a nail tech to the stars? What is it about your approach that's been so long-lasting and made your looks go viral?

Samantha Ramirez: I have established myself as a nail technician for the stars as a result of the variety of my designs. I love to highlight the nails with stones and various accessories, of different luxuries, that attract attention in every sense of the word.

To keep everyone's eyes on my work, I focus on attractive clean work, as well as giving content that all people feel identified with, both professionally and personally. When they see a work of mine, a photo of me or something that I publish and they say, "OMG I want that!" …that reaction makes me happy!


SH: What do you think are going to be the biggest nail looks this summer in terms of colors, patterns and shapes?

SR: I think this summer the trend is going for neon-colored nails. The aqua blue color is very fashionable in all its tones, I personally love it. Not to mention the shiny stones and accessories. For me, they never go out of style. The shape of the nails is also important for each person, one that is most comfortable for them. Personally, I love stiletto nails.


SH: What chic but simple look do you recommend this summer for girls who are new to the mani game?

SR: When they ask me for an elegant and simple look for this summer, I always think of white nails. I love them and at the same time, I highlight them with some simple decorations.


SH: When a celeb comes in, how do you capture exactly what they want for their nails?

SR: When I work with celebrities, most of the time, they already bring me ideas of what they want for the occasion they want. Sometimes they show me the wardrobe with which they want to combine their nails. As I have always said, nails are a luxury accessory that we want to make us stand out. When making a set I just let myself go. For me, pleasing my clients is my No. 1 goal.


SH: Has there been a particular celebrity design you love that you'll always remember?

SR: The nails that I loved were ones for Karol G, for the Youth Awards, as well as the set for the video recorded with Anuel AA and Daddy Yankee called "China." The nails are full of Swarovski pebbles between golden purple big stones and pearls. Those nails were a total success to everyone, I love them. It was a set that we made together, and she showed them off a lot in her network.


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