Everything We Know So Far About San Diego's New Avocado Museum

Step aside, Museum of Ice Cream—there's a new foodie paradise in town.

Made for avocado-lovers everywhere, The CADO is a new pop-up museum opening in San Diego, June 2018. As the name suggests, the new exhibit will celebrate California's favorite fruit with various immersive displays that promise plenty of Instagram-worthy photo ops.

The exhibit is built within 16 shipping containers that have been fused together into a huge structure that tells the story of avocados. According to The CADO website, each exhibit will build on the one before it, creating an interactive experience that will bring your beloved avocado snacks to life.

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Don't worry, though, the museum is about much more than just wallowing in your avocado obsession (though we're sure there will be plenty of time for that, too).

According to Well + Good, visitors will also learn how to pick the perfect avocado by caressing the walls of the Ripe Room, which are textured like the outside of a perfectly ripe avocado.

After the Ripe Room, you can travel through the inside of the avocado to the center pit. Because the beauty benefits of avocados are not to be forgotten, there's also a powder room that focuses on all the beneficial external advantages of our favorite green fruit. Plus, you can also expand your avocado menu by perusing the avo-themed store inside the museum.

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Any foodie-themed museum wouldn't be complete without a few taste-testers. Visitors of The CADO can also expect a grove of real avocado trees, and various avocado-themed snacks from local San Diego restaurants. Food and photo ops? Sounds awesome, but honestly you had us at "avocado-themed museum."

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The various shipping containers that compose The CADO are portable, so the exhibit is expected to travel to other cities after its San Diego debut, meaning all hope is not lost for anyone who lives outside of S.D.

But if you want to make it to this new museum you better act fast! Tickets are on sale today for $27 and they promise to sell out quickly.


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