This Desk Accessory Is Specifically Designed to Ease Your Stress

Here's to a peaceful scent and scenery!

Just when we thought we'd tried every type of oil diffuser out there, On & Off launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for SanSui, a non-electronic wooden humidifier and aroma diffuser, perfectly sized to fit on a desk.

A rep for the company reached out to us with news of the product, and when we asked if we could test it out, she happily obliged:

The Product

Each SanSui is handcrafted from a single piece of beech wood. The entire package comes with a wooden, three-slit vent lid, a wooden reservoir and large piece of foam and three die-cut felt pieces that are shaped like silhouettes of Mt. Fiji and a Japanese pattern of ocean waves. The product is also packaged in a beech wood tray that can lay on the bottom of the fully assembled piece.



Inspired by the art and balance of Feng Shui, SanSui is designed with the rules of physics, absorption and evaporation in mind to create an elegant humidifier and aroma diffuser (with the help of separately purchased essential oils) that add zen and fresh scent to any home or office space.


Pledge options to support and pre-order the product range from a discounted early-bird pre-sale price of $25 for the beech wood version, to a personalized product for $35, to a teak wood version for $125.


The Experience

When I first opened my SanSui, I was incredibly impressed with the fancy packaging. First impressions are lasting ones, and this definitely had me at hello.

That said, when I unwrapped all of the contents, I uncovered a pamphlet written fully in Japanese, which had me confused as to how to assemble it. I was impressed that there was nothing I needed to plug in, but I also wasn't entirely sure of my plan of attack.

Luckily, there's a video in the aforementioned Kickstarter profile that showcases the simple assembly process.

After I watched the video, I inserted the felt pieces into the foam float. Then I poured water into the boat-shaped reservoir, added a few drops of my favorite Art Naturals' essential oils (lavender and orange make an excellent combo—especially when you're trying to work or study) and closed the lid, allowing the felt pieces to stick out.

I had no idea how much time to allow for the aroma to kick in, but sure enough, it was nearly immediate and not at all overpowering.


Bottom Line

The product is an excellent concept: a well-crafted piece of art that also emits a calming scent—without any annoying adapters to lug around.

As with most oil diffusers, the scent this produces is light. But as someone who has had bad experiences with overpowering aromas, I'm A-OK with a non-invasive scent in an office or study environment. As noted above, I used a combo of lavender and orange (or citrus), which is meant to provoke natural feelings of calm and euphoria.


Something important to note is the assembled product is not watertight, so pour the water in while the SanSui is stationery and won't need to be moved again. Even just a little movement caused ours to leak.

Overall, the SanSui is easy to assemble, easy to transport when empty and easy to fill. If you're looking for a product with a scent that'll fill up a room, this isn't for you—but if you want something light to enhance your workspace with a calming visual, then you'll want to give this affordable desk accessory a shot.

And the good news is, you'll probably get to. The campaign's goal was to raise $10,000, and they just made it—with 22 days to go!


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