Santa Baby By Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies!

Ariana Grande's jazzy new interpretation of Santa Baby is out today! It's the fourth and final track on Ariana Grande's Christmas-themed EP, Christmas Kisses!Santa Baby Ariana Grande

Ariana's version of the Eartha Kitt classic "Santa Baby" was performed with her Victorious co-star and best friend forever, Liz Gillies!

Their voices harmonize together perfectly on this holiday, and the duet turns the song into a battle between two women competing for the love of Santa!

"Thank you to my bff @LizGillies for singing this w me, love you," Ariana Tweeted last night when the track released. "Hope everyone enjoys."

Listen below and tell us how you enjoyed it! Also be sure to check out the other Christmas Kisses tracks, "Last Christmas," "Love Is Everything" and "Snow In California"!

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