Sara Happ Just Launched Highlighters for Your Lips

If you're a fan of highlight—and who isn't?—then prepare to be wowed.

You can now illuminate your pout! Sara Happ, the reigning queen of all things lips, just launched her new Let's Glow lip illuminators, and I knew I had to try them out.

My signature look is glowing skin on the cheeks, down the nose, and above the cupid's bow, so I was eager to put her two illuminating shades to the test to light up my lippies.

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The Lip Illuminators come in two shades, Pearl and Golden, and are formulated with reflective, light spheres for insane glow along with natural oils to hydrate and nourish your lips.

Sara Happ Lip Illuminator in Pearl: $24

Look 1: Just Lip Illuminator in Pearl

I naturally gravitated to the shade Pearl first because I tend to like more pearlescent white highlighters over more golden ones on my cool, pale skin tone. I'm very fair with pink undertones, and I find that ones with white reflective qualities flatter my skin tone best. I used the lip applicator to apply just a swipe of product right at the cupid's bow on the upper lip and then a dot on the center of my bottom lip. I then used my finger to blend in the product and I was blown away with the result! This is exactly the look I'm always going for, and I'll definitely be using this product in my regular makeup routine. I would also recommend this shade to anyone with cooler undertones.

Lip Illuminator Pearl

Look 2: Pink Lipstick With Lip Illuminator in Pearl on Top

I also wanted to see what the Lip Illuminator looked like when worn with a lipstick underneath. I used my favorite pink sheer lipstick, and then used my finger to apply the product directly to the same places I mentioned above so I wouldn't get the applicator dirty. I do like the result, but I think this product is more powerful alone.

Lip Illuminator Pearl


Sara Happ Lip Illuminator in Golden: $24

Look 3: Pink Lipstick With Lip Illuminator in Golden on Top

I applied the shade Golden the same as I did with the Pearl shade, however like I anticipated, this color is really high contrast with my fair skin and didn't blend in as easily. This color would look absolutely amazing on someone with more olive yellow tones and darker skin. Perhaps if I get a tan (hah!) this shade would complement my skin a little more.

Lip Illuminator Golden

Look 4: Rust Lipstick With Lip Illuminator in Golden on Top

I decided to pair the shade Golden with a muted rust lip color that I wear all the time because it, too, is in the warmer color category. What I like about the Lip Illuminators is that they really do what they say they're going to do–they make your lips super highlighted and glowy. I even think they make them appear a little bigger! I love how it adds more shine and richness to this otherwise flat lip shade, but I still prefer the Pearl shade on my face more.

Lip Illuminator Rust


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