Sara Kays Reveals the Meaning Behind the Title Track of Her New Struck by Lightning EP

22-year-old singer-songwriter Sara Kays might be best known for her wistful and heart wrenching breakup anthem "Remember That Night?" Today, Aug. 6, we're falling in love with it all over again as part of her new EP, Struck by Lightning.

There is a lot to love in this melodic and dreamy seven-track collection, and we honestly can't pick a favorite among them. To celebrate today's release, we got the chance to ask Sara all about the EP, and its driving intro title track "Struck by Lightning," featuring Cavetown. Keep reading to find out what it means to Sara to be "struck by lightning" and so much more.

SH: How did the creation of "Struck By Lightning" come about? What was the first bit of the song to be developed, and how did the rest of the track evolve from there?

Sara Kays: I wrote the first verse and chorus of this song back in October just on guitar, and recorded it with my producer Steven the next month. We thought it would be cool as a duet, so we sat on it for a little while, and it wasn't until around May that we sent it to Cavetown and he sent it back to us with his part and we loved it. From there, Steven finished producing it and it was finished in June!


SH: What does this song mean to you?

SK: This song was initially inspired by a friend of mine who has a lot of personal struggles that they don't always like to talk about. I learned that sometimes being there for someone can mean just laying next to them in silence when they don't feel like talking, and this song is just telling that person you'll be there for them no matter what.


SH: Do you have a favorite lyric from the song?

SK: My favorite line is probably "If we get struck at least we'll make the news."I like how it's a lighthearted way of saying you'd risk your life for that person.


SH: Why did the song title "Struck by Lightning" feel like the perfect way to sum up the whole EP?

SK: Struck by Lightning felt like a solid title for the EP because that song talks about being there for someone no matter what, and I'm hoping some of these songs can make people feel like someone is there for them in the same way.


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