Sarah Barrios and Eric Nam Capture the Essence of Love at First Sight With 'Have We Met Before'

Sarah Barrios and Eric Nam's new track "Have We Met Before" may be the most romantic and cinematic track we've had the pleasure of listening to all year.

The stunning ballad, which dropped today, is the latest collaboration from the pair, but we don't think this duet is going away anytime soon. It's a track about two people who meet for the first time and fall in love at first sight, feeling as if they've already known each other for a lifetime.

As soon as we heard the song, we knew we had to chat with the pair who made it—and both Sarah and Eric were more than happy to spill the beans on "Have We Met Before" below.

Sweety High: Had the two of you met before recording this new track?

Sarah Barrios: Yes! I had the pleasure of writing "Miss You" with Eric a few years back. I absolutely love working with him.

Eric Nam: We have written together a few times and she was a co-writer on a song of mine called "I Don't Miss You."


SH: What was the recording process of "Have We Met Before?" like? Did you two get to record it in person, or was it a socially distanced recording?

SB: It was a mix of both, actually! I ended up recording my vocals on the floor of my closet because I was too excited about the song to wait to find a studio! Thankfully, for Eric's vocals, we were able to get tested and be together to record those in a proper studio.

EN: We were able to record it in person once we made sure that we had taken all the proper safety precautions. It was definitely awkward for me to be back in a studio with people, but I'm glad we were able to do it this way.


SH: What does the song mean to you?

SB: I've always loved telling stories, so for me, this is a story of a love that transcends time and life itself. To have such an impact that in every time period, in every storyline, somehow two people can find one another in it and fall in love. I find that to be beautifully fascinating.

EN: I think this song is about optimism and curiosity to me.


SH: Do you feel like you've ever met a person and felt like you've already known them?

SB: Definitely! Maybe not in a romantic way, but platonically, I've had friends where the second we met, it felt like we were simply long-lost friends or relatives catching up after not seeing each other for a few years. I always find those moments to be interesting because I end up wondering who we were in a different life to make us feel so familiar to one another now.

EN: Yes, many times. Most likely, it's because I have met them before, but I literally don't remember because I have the worst memory. It's one of those phrases I say on a very very very regular basis.


SH: What was it like working with each other on the track? What do you think they uniquely added to the song?

SB: Every time I've worked with Eric it's been amazing. It's nice when you get to work with people who are extremely talented but more importantly just good-hearted people. Eric's voice has so much texture and I feel like that, alongside how much emotion he puts behind the words, really made this song feel like a movie. Listening to him record it felt like he was bringing it to life.

EN: Sarah is an incredible singer-songwriter and artist. She has this gift of storytelling and explaining things through her lyrics that are fun, creative and yet so clear and to the point, which is difficult to do. I think she brings a lot of great energy and vibes to any project that we've worked on, and she also has beautiful voice.


SH: What's your favorite lyric from the song?

SB: "Maybe if I try I'll see right through you, and I'll remember who we were." I love the idea of thinking that, if you try looking hard enough at the person, something in you will break and a thousand memories of past lives will flood in.

EN: "Maybe in another life I knew you." Something about this line is so romantic to me. Makes me think of all those dramatic romance movies.

Also "Can't concentrate I just keep reading the same pages," because I literally have the hardest time reading and this hit me at my core.


SH: Is there anything you'd like to add?

SB: Eric and I worked hard to make this song feel like a movie, so I hope people listen and feel like they're falling in love. I'm also very curious to hear if anyone listening has had this happen to them and what their experience was!


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