Sarah Bugs Sweet Treats Founder Baking & Charity!

10-year-old Sarah Nelson is the CEO and founder of Sarah Bugs Sweet Treats, which has donated thousands of dollars to charity!Sarah Bugs Sweet Treats

We spoke with Sarah's mother, Kristen, all about her accomplishments, and about what she plans to accomplish next!

Sarah started baking when she was just 8. She was inspired after visiting a sweets shop at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan.

"Sarah said, "I can make these sweet treats!'" Kristen explained. "On our way home we decided she could start her own bakery."

Sarah's dad's nickname for her was always "Bug," so the bakery was named "Sarah Bugs Sweet Treats."

In the beginning, Sarah only planned to make these sugary goodies for family and friends.

Eventually, more and more people got interested in Sarah's treats and started buying them. Sarah decided to donate half of the proceeds to a charity.

After some careful deliberation with her parents, Sarah eventually decided to donate to Algoma Residential Community Hospice, or ARCH, because she really understood what they were about.

"She wanted to give to families who were trying to make their loved ones comfortable as they wait for their turn to go to heaven," Kristen said. "She has a brother in heaven. This is her way of showing her love for him."

When she started making a lot of money, Sarah and her mom decided they would put the other half toward her college fund.

As of our interview, Sarah had donated $11,115 to ARCH! The same amount went into her college fund.

In 2012, Sarah also took home the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Medal, which recognizes awesome contributions by members of the community.

"She was speechless and it was a great honor!" Kristen said. "She loved it when they called her name!"

Sarah continues to pursue her passions by baking, and raising money toward a great cause.

"She loves baking everything," Kristen said.

But Sarah's favorite confections to bake are giant brownie creations with lots of delicious toppings, which she calls "Brownie Pizza Blasts"!

When Sarah grows up, she wants to use her college fund to go to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. She wants to study to be a junior and senior kindergarten teacher.

"She would also like to own her own chocolate factory and be a baker!" Kristen added.

Sarah is also an avid Directioner! Her favorite member of the band is Zayn. We bet a lot of you can relate!

You can check out her official site here!

Sarah Nelson bakes to support a cause she's passionate about. What are some of your favorite organizations? Join us at Sweety High and let us know!