Sarah Cothran Talks Getting Hooked on Toxicity and the Vintage Sound of 'Baby Why'

Sarah Cothran's incredible debut single "Baby Why" has a unique vintage sound that makes it feel like a classic you've known your whole life, so it's no surprise that it took no time at all for it to hit a million streams.

The 20-year-old Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer from Mississippi hit every mark with her first track, combining a retro sound with a modern edge to make something completely her own. Her vocals, soaring yet precise, only add to the beauty and emotion of the viral track, all about acknowledging the toxicity of a relationship while still being fully captive to it. Last week, Sarah also dropped the gorgeous, dream-like music video for the track, making it even more irresistible, and we got the chance to chat with Sarah to learn all about the song, its lyrics and what inspired it.

The Story Behind 'Baby Why'

Sarah Cothran: I came up with the hook of "Baby Why" late one night and loved the melody. I went and produced the track out a little bit and the verse and pre came together. It's inspired by a toxic relationship that's just constant fighting back and forth. I was inspired by a lot of vintage sounds and I think it's so cool to put a modern twist on another era.


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What 'Baby Why' Means

SC: I've had a lot of fans reach out and say it describes their past or current relationships. I hate that there are so many people that have gone through something similar, but I'm glad I've made something that helps them feel better. I've gotten so many DMs and videos of people screaming the chorus saying it helps them get it all out! Lol.

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Sarah's Favorite Lyric

SC: My favorite lyric from the song is in the bridge, "I can't deny I kinda like our lovely life," because it unveils that they actually love this toxicity and these games that they're playing. I feel like it puts a silly twist on the entire song that I just love.

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