Sarah Gilman Tells Fans To "Be Natural" For Choose Kindness!

Throughout the month of October, Disney has run the Choose Kindness campaign for National Bullying Prevention Month, where Disney stars have shared their own messages to promote confidence and positivity! In an Instagram photo posted this week, I Didn't Do It star Sarah Gilman reminded fans to "Be Natural"!

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"As you might know, October is anti-bullying month," Sarah wrote on Instagram. "As the month passed I watched my close friends post the most inspiring words on how to #ChooseKindness. I've been trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to say and I think I figured it out. Be natural. I've struggled with bad skin since I was younger and it can be really difficult for me to walk out of the house without some form of makeup covering me up."

She was particularly inspired by the words of fellow Disney Channel actress, Rowan Blanchard.

"A couple weeks ago @rowanblanchard wrote, 'We all have flaws, whether we choose to accept them or not,'" Sarah continued. "Honestly, how is she only thirteen? But she's right, we all have flaws and we choose whether or not we accept them. Confidence isn't an on/off switch. I can't suddenly stop comparing myself to other people and love my skin, but I can work to be more myself, more confident, more natural."

Sarah's message is something that each of us can take to heart!

"That's why I chose Be Natural as my #ChooseKindness slogan, as a reminder that everyone is trying to cover something up, emotionally or physically, and we should be more sensitive to that and trust that we aren't alone, that we should choose kindness," she said. "So October is ending but choosing kindness shouldn't, and I hope you guys will join me to live kindly, sensitively, and most importantly, to live naturally."

She uploaded a photo with the message, in which she wears full makeup on one side of her face, and shows off her natural, bare skin on the other half. She's beautiful with or without makeup, and we love that she's shared this important message about embracing who you are!

We love Sarah Gilman's message and will keep it in mind long after October has come to an end! Check out more stories about Choose Kindness below and join our community at Sweety High to tell us how you Choose Kindness!sarah gilman i didn't do it be natural