Sarah Hyland's No-Makeup Selfie Message Is a Reminder We All Need

A mantra can help you internalize an important message, and thanks to Sarah Hyland, we have a new one.

The Modern Family actress posted an inspiring message on Instagram on Monday, and she even included a no-makeup selfie. Her mantra includes some key pieces of wisdom, and it's a reminder we all need.


(Modern Family via ABC)

"Monday Mantra: Be patient. Be kind. Be free. Don't stress. Don't overthink. Don't worry. Just be," Sarah wrote. The actress also included a hashtag alongside her photo that sagely states "there's no filter for life."

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We're all used to being overloaded by "perfect" photos on social media, so it's great to get a rare one of a celebrity just as they are, sans makeup or retouching.

Besides being blown away by the fact that those are Sarah's eyelashes without any mascara, we appreciate the reminder that it's okay to "just be." As much as there can be pressure to present a specific image, we too can overcome it.

Let's hope Sarah shares more Monday mantras in the future.


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