Savannah Jayde's Movie Debut in Space Warriors!

18-year-old actress Savannah Jayde is probably best known for her role as one of "The Jennifers" on Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush. Her first big screen appearance is in "Space Warriors," which premieres on the Hallmark Channel on May 31st!

Savannah Jayde shows off her fashion sense

We spoke to Savannah today to get to know her and learn more about her new movie!

"I think from a young age I loved to entertain," Savannah said. "I was always putting on little plays, making up scripts, making up characters and stories and things like that."

Savannah started modeling when she was young. She felt that the obvious next step was to go into acting.

"When I started acting I fell in love with it," Savannah said. "I couldn't imagine doing anything else."

Savannah Jayde has since appeared in shows including "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," "The Suite Life On Deck," and "Melissa " Joey."

"I would say Big Time Rush was my first big break," Savannah said. "Once it took off,  it became such a big deal being associated with it. That's really how I got recognized."

Savannah had only good things to say about working on Big Time Rush.

"It's the most fun I could ever have," she said. "I can't imagine being on a more fun set."

Savannah started working on Big Time Rush when she was 14. Four years later, she's only become closer with the cast.

"We've really grown up together," she said. "It's been so fun becoming adults and figuring things out together."

To all the girls who wish they could take Savannah's place as one of the Jennifers, she has five words of advice: "I'm not giving it up."

"I think everyone loves to hate the mean girl," Savannah said of her character. "It's so fun because no one is that mean in real life. It's crazy what we do to mess with the boys."

In real live, Savannah lives just minutes from another of the Jennifers, played by Kelli Goss. They spend so much time together offset, "it's crazy," according to Savannah.

"I've never bonded with someone I worked with so fast," she said. "Me and the other Jennifers were side by side all day, every day, for 4 years."

The fourth season of "Big Time Rush" earlier this month.

"I love the music on this season, it's the best," Savannah said. "It's really cool and current and it's all about fun."

She's especially excited by an Austin Mahone guest appearance in the Season 4 finale!

When Savannah Jayde was younger, she was constantly flying between Los Angeles and Dallas to work.

"I was exhausting," Savannah said. "I was still full-time in regular still until 8th grade. I would fly three times a week, get home at 5, sleep for an hour, and go to school."

It was also difficult for Savannah because she had to spend a lot of time away from her father and her brother, who is 8 years younger than Savannah. As soon as the opportunity to move showed its head, her family did.

Her newest venture is the film "Space Warriors." It takes place in a summer space camp. Former astronaut Col. Roy Manley, played by Josh Lucas, assembles a team of the best and the brightest aspiring astronauts, called The Warriors. Savannah's character, Dani, is one of those Warriors.
Savannah Jayde in Space Warriors
In the film, the Warriors and their experienced rivals, the Titans, must band together to save a group of astronauts 200 miles from Earth when a crisis strikes.

"It's a great family movie," Savannah said. "I did it because it's the kind of movie my brother could see, the kind that brings families together. It's a fun adventure film."

She wanted to do the film because it was unlike anything she had done before.

"Kids don't really think about being an astronaut anymore," she said. "They don't realize how exciting it is to be involved in school and math and to challenge yourself and open your eyes to different opportunities."

Dani is a young and brilliant tomboy who loves robotics. In the movie, she has to make the decision to join forces with her rivals to save the lives of astronauts.

"We have to come together," Savannah said. "With each others' strength, we have these new fresh minds that can generate these ideas that older people would never think of."

Savannah loved working with veteran actors like Danny Glover and Josh Lucas on the set.

"The whole cast was so great and humble and hung out with a bunch of kids all day," she said. "We went through space camp together and shared their experiences. It was all very exiting."

We wondered if Savannah was anything like her tomboyish character, Dani.

"I actually went through a very tomboyish phase in 4th and 5th grades," she said. "I was just one of the guys. I didn't have a lot of friends who were girls. But now I'm becoming a lot more girly than I ever thought I would be!"

Savannah Jayde's dream roles would be something like an iconic 80's John Hughes movie, a romantic comedy like Pretty Woman, or a period piece.

"Something period requires a lot of research," Savannah said. "You have to step outside of yourself and really inhabit their life. It's just something I haven't done yet."

If she could work with any actor, she'd pick Stanley Tucci, who has appeared in films including The Hunger Games and The Devil Wears Prada.

"I think he's so talented and plays so many types of roles," Savannah said. "I would love to see how he comes into any type of identity for his roles."

Savannah is also a fashion connoisseur.

"I have always had an interest in fashion," Savannah explained. "I love the idea that it's something that gives off who you are vetoer you can even open your mouth. It's such a huge part of how you represent yourself."

She loves fashion so much that she now runs a style blog called "The Elephant Trunk."

"With a blog, I can open people's eyes to something they never thought about," she said. "There's no right or wrong in fashion, so why not start a fashion blog and tell people my opinions about style?"

To learn more about Savannah Jayde, check out her Facebook and Twitter pages!