What to Know About Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Savannah Latimer

She's a dancer, super stylish blogger and our fave Riker Lynch's fiancée!

We don't need to list any more reasons why she's our girl-crush of the week now, do we? Here's what Savannah Latimer shared with Sweety High this week!


(Photo courtesy of Savannah Latimer)

Full Name: Savannah Lee Latimer (soon to be Lynch!)

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Birthday: April 1

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Fun Facts:

1. "thank u, next" has totally been stuck in her head since the day it came out.

2. She's at the top of her style game and her favorite thing to wear ATM is zebra print.

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3. She can't live without Golden Caramel Swirl ice cream from Trader Joe's.

"It's to die for! The obsession is real."

–Savannah Latimer

4. The two people she's closest to in the world are Riker and her BFF Margie.  

"I want to spend all my time with them because they make me smile. Even if I'm in the worst mood, I know they can cheer me up."

–Savannah Latimer

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5. If she had to choose between Marvel and DC she would obviously pick Marvel.

"Guardians of The Galaxy—duh!"

–Savannah Latimer

6. This winter, she's determined to get better at ice skating.

"Wish me luck!"

–Savannah Latimer

7. She finds herself daydreaming about her mom's homemade lasagna all the time.

"She has been making her lasagna recipe since college and it's literally the best thing ever."

–Savannah Latimer


We loved getting to chat with Savannah because we now have just as big of a crush on her as we do Riker. Get to know him better HERE!