The Crazy Sock Subscription Box You Always Dreamed of Is Actually a Thing

You can never have too many pairs of socks.

Somehow, someway these articles of clothing always seem to magically disappear in the wash. How does that happen?

Rather than trying to solve that mystery, we strongly suggest you invest in Say It With a Sock's monthly subscription box.

Let's be clear here though, you won't be getting some plain ol' white knee-highs. You'll receive the wackiest and most whimsical socks ever to grace your dresser drawers.

Of course I wanted a pair of my own eccentric socks, so I signed up for this handy-dandy service.

Offering boxes with one, two or three pairs starting at $11.99 a month, I treated myself to the two-pairs-a-month plan.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package to see these two beauties inside:

A pair of yellow socks with black polka dots next to a pair of baby blue socks with flamingos in ice cream cones on them

Yes, those are, in fact, flamingos in ice cream cones. Why? Does it really matter? They're freaking adorable!

The polka dot ones are cute, too, but they're definitely reserved for times when I don't want to be overly flashy with my socks.

So would I recommend signing up for Say It With a Sock? Of course! Do you not see how adorable and fun their socks are?!

Plus, as we previously mentioned, socks are a necessity you can never have enough of. Especially ones as rad as these.


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