Thoughtful Lyrics From Twenty One Pilots' Scaled and Icy Album to Use as Captions

Last week, Twenty One Pilots dropped their sixth studio album, Scaled and Icy, a thoughtful, poignant album that beautifully captures the fears, hope and anxieties of frontman Tyler Joseph over the last year in pandemic isolation.

Of course, we think these profound songs will be listenable and relatable even long after the times of social distancing and masking up are behind us. Its incredible lyrics are proof—and here are some that we think will make great Instagram captions.

For when you're ready to be open and vulnerable for the first time in a while:

"Shed your modesty and the only thing to leave behind is your own skin on the floor."

-"Shy Away"


For showing off your outfit when you're ready to hit the town:

"These are my dancin' shoes, we paint the town."



For when you turn to music to get you through tough times:

"When times aren't the best and I'm on the edge, I'll listen for a song in the distance."

-"Mulberry Street"


For that new acquaintance that you'd love to guide you through life:

"And I know that we just met but could you take me everywhere you've ever been?"



For that urban architecture that just makes you feel at peace:

"There was a wonderful structure to the city and it put my cares to rest."



For when you're feeling absolutely unstoppable:

"Little did they know that they can't touch me. I'm vibing, vibing."

-"The Outside"


For when, against all odds, you're having a great time:

"I know it's hard to believe me, it's a good day."

-"Good Day"


For when you just don't feel like dealing with things right now:

"Runnin' away don't make you wrong."

-"Bounce Man"


For when you're feeling ready to make a huge shift in your life:

"Alone, I'm gonna change my circumstance. I know I need to move right now."



For when you're someplace that feels dull and repetitive:

"I'm already bored. I'm pretty sure I've seen this one before."

-"The Outside"


For that pic showing off your new guitar skills:

"Taught myself to play guitar, tearing it up."

-"Never Take It"


For that self-confident mirror selfie:

"She's not afraid of her reflection."



For when you feel like you're getting paler and paler by the minute:

"I can feel my saturation leaving me slowly."

-"Good Day"


For the shot of you happily frolicking in the rain:

"Keep your sunny days, leave us in the rain."

-"Mulberry Street"


For those weekend vibes:

"On Saturday, Saturday, Saturday we paint the town."



For when you're feeling poised and ready for anything:

"With my shoulders squared and my back straight, got a good base and a loose tongue."

-"No Chances"


For the shot with that person you admire, who seems to have it all figured out:

"You are formidable to me, 'cause you seem to know it, where you wanna go."



For when that spark of inspiration hits and you just have to follow your passion:

"If you feel like you have time to do a song or you're inspired, you should just go for it."



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