Should You Be Using a Scalp Scrub for Your Hair?

You spend hours each week washing your hair, using treatment hair masks and styling your strands, but you're probably missing one crucial step: exfoliating your scalp.

Just like you exfoliate your face to slough off dead skin cells and keep your complexion smooth and fresh, your scalp needs the same TLC to grow happy, healthy hair. If you think about it, it totally makes sense, and your scalp has probably been neglected for way too long. Every hair type can benefit from a weekly scalp exfoliation, especially if you tend to wait a few days in between washes and use product in your hair like dry shampoo.

Below, we're making a case on why you need to incorporate a scalp scrub into your routine ASAP:

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It Removes Product Build-Up

There's nothing quite like washing the makeup off of your face after a long day of having it on. That fresh, just-washed feeling makes your skin feel like it can breath again, and your scalp craves that, too! Many of us go days in between washes, live in cities with tons of pollution and use products like dry shampoo and hairspray that can clog our hair follicles. This can lead to dandruff, hair loss and even bald spots. While shampooing your scalp does help, a scrub with physical particles, like Ouai's Scalp Scrub, really gets the job done.


It Tones & Moisturizes

Just like when you get dry, chapped lips, the best thing to do is to exfoliate your pout and then hydrate. Same goes for your scalp, and a good scrub helps tone and moisturize the skin on your head. Think of your scalp scrub as your double cleanse—a vital step to having healthy hair.


It Doubles as a Body Exfoliant

Most scalp scrubs can also be used for your body (but not vice versa—not all body scrubs are formulated properly for your scalp). We always love a two-in-one.


It Promotes Hair Growth

A healthy scalp environment is critical for hair growth. If you're trying to grow out a bad haircut or are just itching for longer strands, the best thing you can do to encourage the growth of your mane is to take mighty good care of the scalp. A happy scalp environment = long, healthy hair.


It Inhibits Dandruff

If you suffer from dandruff, a super easy way to help minimize the white flakes is by scrubbing your scalp. Dandruff causes excessive production and shedding of skin cells on your head, which can impact the growth and appearance of the hair, and causes those white embarrassing flakes. Using an exfoliating scalp mask removes this accumulation of cells and helps normalize skin cell turnover. 


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