Scared Gorilla Runs From Geese- Video Pick Of the Day!

You'd think gorillas would be one of the bravest of animals, but Barney the scared gorilla proves otherwise as he flees from a go-getting goose!

18-year-old gorilla Barney lives at the Sedgwick County zoo in Wichita, Kansas. Gorillas are actually well known for being scaredy-cats, and Barney is no exception.

Mountain gorillas, for example, seem to naturally fear reptiles. Baby gorillas are afraid of chameleons and caterpillars.

They're also afraid of water, from puddles to streams. Even rain can send a grown gorilla running!

The fear of water among gorillas is so well-known that in the case of a gorilla from Bristol, England, a whole article was written simply because he LOVES water!

"This is the first time I have ever seen this," said photographer Sue Demetriou. "I asked another regular who has visited them for years and they hadn't seen a gorilla taking a dip in the water either. He was a fairly young gorilla and obviously full of mischief."