Scared Of a Spoon: Corgi Vs. Cutlery!

Corgi is scared of a spoon!

This adorable Corgi puppy is scared of a spoon! Watch his epic battle against the most devious item in cutlery.

It might seem strange that this dog is so scared of a spoon, but the fear is common enough that it has a name : Koutaliophobia!

The name comes from the Greek word for spoon "koutáli." In Greece, wooden spoons were used in a traditional dance, where the dancers hold pairs of spoons and clap in rhythm while dancing. The dance would sometimes scare children, who then might develop a fear of spoons.

Though spoons might seem like innocent objects to many people, they actually possess a lot of qualities that can make people fear them. Metal spoons can trigger metallophobia, or the fear of metals. People can fear using a spoon incorrectly and facing embarrassment. Hyperacusis is the word for fear of the sound spoons might make when they clink against plates, bowls, and cups.

One famous koutaliophobe is Liam Payne from One Direction. Looks like this adorable Corgi isn't alone is his fear!

"In restaurants, when I don't know where the spoons have been, I can't use them," Liam said in an interview last year. "But I can use all the other cutlery."