Scaredy-Cat Gets a Fright- Video Pick Of the Day!

This scaredy-cat gets quite the shock... watch to find out what does it!

What's got this scaredy-cat so spooked? Just watch to find out!

We're all familiar with the phrase "scaredy-cat" as a term for people who are easily frightened, what where does it come from?

The first-known use of the phrase was actually in a Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring Porky Pig and Sylvester the cat in 1948! In the cartoon, Porky and Sylvester move into a spooky house infested with evil mice who will do anything to get the cat and pig out of their house!
In the cartoon, Sylvester's fears are warranted. After all, mice are out to get them! But in general, the term refers to people who are fearful without a very good reason. It seems the meaning of the phrase has changed quite a bit over the last 60 years. The fact that kittens are so scared of sneezes only perpetuates the scaredy-cat stereotype!