Scarlett Bella Song on Her Sweet Style and the Powerful Message Behind Her Jewelry Line

Not only is Scarlett Bella Song an incredibly talented trained dancer, but we also can't get over her sweet sense of style.

The 13-year-old has impressed the fashion world (and her legions of fans) on and off the dance floor, even gracing the covers of fashion magazines. Recently, she's also branched out as a jewelry designer. She collaborated with Annie and Sisters, a jewelry line for empowering women, to create the Annie X Scarlett Collection. The original 15-piece collection for teens was developed with a sassy edge, and we got to chat with Scarlett herself to find out what inspired these fabulous pieces.

Scarlett Bella Song real girls sweet style

(Photo credit: Tonya Turner Photography)

Name: Scarlett Bella Song

Instagram: @scarlettbellasong

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Zodiac signTaurusGemini cusp

Fun Facts:

1. Scarlett says she has been a fashionista as far back as she can remember.

"I blame that on my mom because she is also obsessed with fashion—even though we have very different aesthetics and styles. As early as pre-school, I had a distinct style point of view and I chose my own outfits as soon I could dress myself."

-Scarlett Bella Song

2. Visiting the Dior Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum was a pivotal moment for Scarlett.

"This was a life-altering experience as I fell head-over-heels in love with fashion all over again. I could not even begin to describe how energized and inspired I felt from the immersive experience."

-Scarlett Bella Song

3. The Black and White Bar Crystal Sterling Silver Necklace is her favorite piece from her Annie X Scarlett Jewelry Collection.

"I am totally obsessed with it. It is highly versatile and matches everything. I wear it with street style, couture and everything in between."

-Scarlett Bella Song

4. The messages of kindness, empowerment and collaboration inspired the Annie X Scarlett Jewelry Collection.

"During the pandemic and quarantine, I felt isolated from my friends because we socialized mainly on Zoom. I quickly realized that many of my peers felt the same way I did. It inspired me to take action and spread messages of kindness, empowerment and collaboration throughout the teen community to unite us. The 15-piece Annie X Scarlett Collection jewelry is infused with these sentiments and is a physical manifestation of the energy I wish to send out into the world."

-Scarlett Bella Song

5. She advises others who aspire to create their own jewelry collection to "go for it!"

"We all have a unique point of view and it would only enhance our community when you share a sacred part of yourself with us. Trust your vision and your heart. In terms of practical advice, be prepared that you are going to be immersed in this undertaking. For us, it was a nine month process from concept to market. There are thousands of decisions involved so you need to be committed."

-Scarlett Bella Song

6. For a last-minute evening with her friends, she says her go-to outfit would be vegan leather pants, a corset top and a fun jacket.

"While I usually like to plan my outfits in advance, if I'm in a rush in the daytime I'll usually pair a fitted top (typically from Aritzia or Urban Outfitters) with jeans and boots."

-Scarlett Bella Song

7. She has so many fashion designer favorites.

"You are going to make me choose?! My ultimate favorites are Prada, Burberry and Alice & Olivia. I also really enjoy shopping emerging designer collections. When I am on vacation, my mom and I always build time into our itinerary to shop with local designers."

-Scarlett Bella Song

8. Scarlett takes inspiration from the '70s, '80s and '90s.

"As a result, I am branching out with my color palette and I'm officially become obsessed with oversized band tees. I love how we can bring fashion back yet still put our own spin on it so it feels both nostalgic and fresh."

-Scarlett Bella Song

9. She can't get enough of puffer jackets at the moment.

"It's snowing today for the first time since I moved here to Dallas, so I'm going to say my favorite style trend is my black Aritzia puffer jacket! I see the puffer jacket trend wherever I visit! This jacket is definitely my favorite new acquisition of the season."

-Scarlett Bella Song

10. Scarlett loves creating art with professional photographers.

"Since I moved to Dallas, I've worked with Tonya Turner Photography on multiple shoots. Our photoshoots can last several hours. I am also an ambassador for DFW Dance Photography. Those creative movement shoots that are fashion-focused usually last two to three hours."

-Scarlett Bella Song

11. Scarlett says she is down-to-earth, genuine and shares the same struggles many other teens do.

"I want everyone to know that I am on a mission to counterbalance the negativity that many of us encounter in our daily lives.  I speak out to promote kindness, empowerment and collaboration. I want to be a positive force and support others."

-Scarlett Bella Song

12. She hopes for more sophisticated and glam trends to come back soon.

"We've been living in athleisure wear (and dressing for comfort during the pandemic) and I think we are all ready to up our fashion game!"

-Scarlett Bella Song


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