Here's What All Your Dreams About Scary Animals Really Mean

When you have a creepy dream that jolts you awake at night, sitting down to analyze what it all meant might is probably the last thing on your mind.

Regardless, understanding the symbols that appear in your dreams can help you gain deep personal insights, making them worth investigating. If you want to learn more about the dream you had about a scary animal, all you have to do is find them in the list below:


Though bats in a dream might simply be symbolic of your fear of dark, spooky places, their significance can be more meaningful than that. For one, it can mean that you've been feeling "blind as a bat." Even though the animals actually have great vision, this dream might represent the fact that you're going into something new and that you're feeling totally unprepared about it. It might be a good idea to look into the matter more fully when you wake. If the bats are vampire bats, your dream might signify that you feel that someone is sucking the life out of you in your waking hours. See what you can do to protect yourself from emotional vampires.

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While the buzz of bees might send you fleeing in terror while you're awake, the presence of bees in dreams can be a good thing. Dreaming of getting stung might be symbolic of something that happened in your life that still stings, and can mean you should work on resolving it. Otherwise, it can represent the idea that you've been working really hard, and that you're about to see the fruits of your labor. Maybe you've been super busy, but everything is about to pay off. If you see yourself surrounded by bees, it might even mean that you're feeling like a large-and-in-charge Queen Bee.



Though most dreams about creepy-crawly bugs are related to stress and worry, they can have a positive aspect as well. Generally, these dreams will be representative of your fears and the fact that something has been "bugging" you. But strange as it may seem, a dream about bugs can also mean that you should seek collaboration with others. After all, there's strength in numbers.



Though crow symbolism is often attached to endings, whether it's the end of a life, a situation or a relationship, a crow's appearance in a dream doesn't always have to be foreboding. Some people believe that crows in dreams are messengers that can collect thoughts from your subconscious and deliver them straight to you. If they communicate directly or hint at some specific imagery, pay close attention to decipher what it might mean for you. Crows are one of the cleverest animals around, so listen to whatever wisdom they might have to share with you.

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While most dogs in real life are cute and cuddly, the giant, snarling ones that appear in bad dreams can be utterly terrifying. Since dreams about dogs can be quite common, they can mean many different things depending on the content of the dream, though scary dog dreams usually mean fear of the unknown. For example, if a dog seems nice at first but then suddenly becomes aggressive, this may represent the fact that you feel surprised by betrayal in your own life. If the dog in your dream belongs to someone you know, it might mean you feel that others have their loyalty, but that you don't. A barking dog might mean that you feel like someone is being too controlling and constantly barking orders at you. Pinpointing the emotions you feel during these dreams can help you deal with the root of the issues.



Though fish may not seem all that scary when you're awake, they're surprisingly common in unsettling dreams. Because dream fish are said to swim around in the unconsciousness, catching them in your dream will help you bring some of your unconscious thoughts to light. It's then that you should closely pay attention to what they're saying to you. Dreaming of a giant, disgusting fish can mean that there's an imposing figure in your life that you distrust and fear. On a different note, if you find yourself hung up on someone who doesn't feel the same way about you, the dream might be trying to tell you that there are plenty of fish in the sea and that it's time to consider moving on.



Slippery, slimy frogs may creep you out a little in your dreams, but they typically have positive associations. Since frogs undergo a metamorphosis over their lifetimes, the dream may represent the fact that you're transforming into the person you've always wanted to be. Dreaming about a frog using their long, sticky tongue to catch food might mean that an opportunity is presenting itself to you, but that if you don't act fast and try to secure it, you might lose it forever. There may also be someone in your life that you're newly starting to see in a romantic light. Maybe you thought they were a frog, when they were actually a handsome prince deep down this whole time.



A gorilla's similarity to humans makes them particularly interesting when it comes to dream symbolism. Being confronted by a gorilla might mean that you feel that you're holding your true nature back and that you should be more authentic with yourself. If you're surrounded by gorillas in your dream and are intimidated by them, perhaps you don't feel like you're the in charge of the pack, and you should work on becoming more confident in your own skin. If a person suddenly morphs into a gorilla, it might mean they're unpredictable and you don't feel you can rely on them.



Since lions are the king of the jungle, dreams about facing off against lions often have to do with conflicts with people in power. These dreams can mean that you don't feel you have the courage to confront the issues that are holding you back. You're butting heads with someone in a leadership position and are afraid they'll use their influence to sway others against you. Use what you've learned as an opportunity to empower yourself as a leader.

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Though a lizard in a dream may seem a little icky, you have nothing to fear. Lizards are cold-blooded animals, which means they require the heat and light of the sun to energize their bodies. Similarly, you may find that you need the love of others, and a little bit of cozy sunshine, to operate to your full potential. Let this dream guide you to seek out the company of the people you care about. Like a lizard, you may feel like you need to retreat in order to be safe, but it might actually be the time for you to come out of hiding to find your true self.



As spooky as you might find the owls in your dreams, they're typically symbols of wisdom, rather than of anything ominous. Owls are often associated with magic and seeing beyond our own reality, and may be able to convey psychic messages from your subconscious. Hearing an owl hoot in your dream may mean that someone who cares about you is watching over you, and if an owl leaves a feather for you in a dream, it's a symbol that it thinks you have your own significant knowledge that you should pass on to others.

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While many people see rats and mice as cute, fuzzy critters, others find them disgusting. Though the animal is often associated with traits like greed and jealousy, their appearance in a dream can actually mean the opposite. For example, if a mouse is friendly to you in a dream, it might mean that these negative traits aren't tempting you in the slightest. However, a rat can also mean that you view someone in your life as a pest who takes from others without ever giving anything back. It might make sense to confront this person about their behavior. A rat in the wheel may also represent the feeling that no matter how hard you try, you just keep going in circles. This may signify that it's time to make a change in your life by taking a risk and trying something new.

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Snake dreams can be common among those who have a phobia of them when they're awake, but in dreams, they're not just a symbol of fear and danger. If a snake suddenly bites you in a dream, that might mean that you're worried about the things you can't predict in your own life. You feel that even when you're being careful, you can't possibly anticipate everything that might go wrong. In that case, it might be healthier to adopt the attitude that even if you can't control things, you can control the way you react to them. Snakes are also known for their cunning, so your dream may be telling you that you should look for creative solutions to a problem you're facing. If you see a snake's shed skin, it might mean that you've shed the person you were in the past and are ready to embark on a new journey with a new mindset.



As much as spiders might give you the creeps, seeing them in your dreams can actually be a good thing. It's said that a spider climbing up a wall in the dream often coincides with the rising of your fortunes. Seeing spider webs can be symbolic of settling in somewhere and making it truly feel like home. They also represent the satisfaction that comes from seeing the results of your hard work. On the other hand, killing a spider a dream often represents bad luck, so avoid doing so unless absolutely necessary.



The serene power of a tiger may make them quite intimidating, but when they show up in your dreams, it's important to pay attention to what they're revealing to you. If you find yourself facing off against a tiger, it might mean that you're finally confronting emotions that you've been having a tough time processing. Seeing a caged tiger can mean that you feel your potential is being hindered, but that you feel ready to break free and accomplish your destiny. If the tiger is being associated with a person in your dream, you may feel that even though you're close to them, they're not showing you their true stripes. It may take a little work to get to the truth that this person is hiding.



Dreams about wolves may be frightening, but most of the time, they communicate messages about the way you live your life. Seeing a single wolf may represent the fact that you're feeling like a powerful lone wolf. Though you may believe that you can do everything on your own, wolves are actually pack animals who are more likely to survive and thrive in groups. You should seek out a little support from the people who care about you. The sound of a howling wolf might mean that someone is asking you for help, but that you haven't really been hearing them. Seek this person out and lend your guidance if you can.


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