10 Deliciously Scented Body Sprays That'll Give You an All-Over Glow

You've got your perfume on lock, but what about a scented body spray?

We're all about body mists, especially in the summer, because they're lightweight, tend to be less expensive and add a little something special to your traditional perfume.

They also can have additional elements like skin-hydrating ingredients, antioxidants, and illuminating qualities to make your skin really pop. Ahead, nine of our fave scented body sprays that will make you smell good and give you that all-over glow.

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Kai*Rose Body Glow Spray: $36

Everything that Kai creates smells divine, and their new rose gold body spray is no exception! This naturally hydrating formula combines jojoba oil, aloe, and chamomile extracts all fragranced with their signature scent, and an added hint of rose.

Kai Rose Body Glow Spray

(via Kai)


The Body Shop Shea Body Mist: $10

For long-lasting freshness, look no further than The Body Shop. The sweet nutty shea scent is soft, but lasts and is the perfect complement to any perfume because it's not overpowering.

The Body Shop Shea Moisture

(via The Body Shop)


Victoria's Secret Peony Crush Body Mist: $6

Besides underwear, there's one thing that Victoria's Secret is known for: Love Spell, a tangy floral purple body spray that swept the '90s. Though Love Spell might be of yesteryear, Victoria's Secret still boasts an impressive lineup of body mists, from coconut to banana to our fave—peony.

Victoria's Secret Body Spray

(via Victoria's Secret)


Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Spritz: $30

This clean floral scent is also a cult favorite perfume, but we prefer the body spray because it's loaded with antioxidants and tinged with bergamot for a slightly citrus scent.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Mist

(via Philosophy)


Bath & Body Works Bali Black Coconut Sands Fine Fragrance Mist: $14.50

Take yourself on a tropical getaway with just a few spritzes of this delightfully yummy body mist! Coconut milk, tonka bean, jasmine, sea salt and black sand comprise this exotic scent that will make you feel like you're laying on the beaches of Bali, even during fifth period.

Bath and Body Works Bali Body mist

(via Bath and Body Works)


Tarte Sugar Rush Sugar Spritz Body Spray Mist: $10

Sugar, no spice, just all things nice. That's the name of the game of this super sweet body spray from Tarte that's formulated with a blend of botanicals so you can smell like your favorite candy.

Tarte Sugar Spritz

(via ULTA)


Calvin Klein CK One Body Spray: $20

The closest thing you'll get to Kendall Jenner? Perhaps this scent. Calvin Klein's iconic CK One Body Spray has been around for years and is a tried and true fave of celebrities and supermodels.

Calvin Klein CK One Body Spray

(via Calvin Klein)


Ari by Ariana Grande Body Mist: $6

You like my scent? Gee thanks just bought it—Ari by Ariana Grande's Body Mist that is. It features lovely notes of crispy pear, pink grapefruit, juicy raspberry, soft muguet, rose buds, vanilla orchid, marshmallow, creamy musk and blonde woods to blend into a harmonious scent that you'll want to wrap yourself up in all day long. 

Ari by Ariana Grande Body Mist

(via Walgreens)


LUSH Vanillary Body Spray: $35

We're not sure what we enjoy more, the delectable vanilla scent or this genius spray bottle! The handy, post-workout product makes it easy to spray down your bod with a few easy spritzes, and is filled with a tantalizing scent of vanilla and sandalwood.

Lush Vanillary

(via Lush)


Pinrose Sun Saint Shimmer Mist: $42

This scented spritz has notes of dry coconut wood, sea salt and a hint of lime. Spray on shoulders, collar bones, legs and arms for an all-over summery goddess glow.


(via Pinrose)


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