11 Scented Candles We Can't Live Without

Whether you're reading a book, watching some Netflix or listening to music in the dark, lighting a candle is always a good idea. It brings tension levels down, spirits up and sets the mood.

If you have a borderline unhealthy obsession with candles like us, you're in for quite the treat. Scroll below for 11 scented candles we can't live without!

1. Homesick – First Kiss Candle: $29.95

Get taken back in time to your first kiss with this special scent. According to the brand, this aroma will remind you of the shirt you stole, and the moment you won't forget. With hints of eucalyptus, sandalwood and orange, you'll be able to relive that amazing first smooch.


(via Homesick)


2. Paddywax – Cosmic Grapefruit Celestial Candle: $30

If you're into astrology, you need this celestial candle. Turn off the lights and be taken far, far away to another world. The candle smells just as great as it looks, and has notes of grapefruit, bergamot and pink peppercorn.


(via Paddywax)


3. Yankee Candle – Sweet Maple Chai Candle: $29.50

If you're excited for fall, you'll want this staple scent in your room. Breathe in the sweetness and try not to eat the candle—it smells that good. Its aroma gives off cinnamon, maple and butterscotch notes, and has a burn time of up to 150 hours.


(via Yankee Candle)


4. Capri Blue – Volcano Black Signature Jar: $30

Without a doubt one of the best scents out there, volcano is probably the one candle we can't live without. It comes in numerous styles, but we love this black jar, as it's chic and edgy. It smells like sugared citrus and delicious fruits.


(via Capri Blue)


5. Voluspa – Baltic Amber Cut Glass Jar Candle: $28

Baltic Amber is a scent meant for those who either love nature, or just the smell of it. You'll feel transported to another place as notes of sandalwood, cedar and amber fill the space around you.


(via Anthropologie)


6. Bath and Body Works – Sugared Snickerdoodle: $24.50

The perfect fall candle, Sugared Snickerdoodle will leave you drooling, craving a cookie ASAP. The overpowering smells of vanilla, sugared musk and warm spices will linger long after you've blown it out.


(via Bath and Body Works)


7. Of a Kind – Cedar and Neroli Candle: $36

This is the type of candle we want to bathe in. Not only is the jar, itself, cute, but the scent will remind you of going on a vacation. Notes of cedarwood, citrus and honey will take over your senses and make you feel like you're on a European getaway.


(via Of a Kind)


8. Ban.do – Pironii Sea Salt & Orchids Candle: $35

This particular candle screams summer, and we're totally here for it. The jar itself will look great on a bedside table surrounded by mini succulents. Giving out wafts of jasmine, fruit and wood, this will become your latest obsession.


(via Ban.do)


9. Capri Blue – Dark Vanilla & Sandalwood Gilded Faceted Jar: $40

We can't get over how stunning this jar is. It's definitely the type that you'd keep around long after it's gone out. We'd use it as a makeup or toothbrush holder. The aroma itself has notes of peach, vanilla, magnolia and sandalwood.


(via Capri Blue)


10. Mer-Sea – Sun Kissed Boxed Candle & Agate Coaster: $48

The issue with most candles is finding something to set them on, but not with this one. That's why we love it. It comes with its own agate coaster! If you're trying to prolong your summer days, you'll love this scent because of its hints of cedarwood, orange and juniper.


(via Mer-Sea)


11. L'Artisan Muse – Energy Candle: $29.95

Lighting this energy candle in the mornings is the perfect start to anyone's day. Make sure your body's senses are in balance with one another while breathing in the incredible scents of pineapple, orange and sandalwood.


(via L'Artisan Muse)


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