4 Ways to Conquer Your First Day of School, According to Celebs ☝️

The first day of school is never ever easy.

You've been in chill mode all summer long, and then, suddenly, you're thrown back into a whirlwind of chaos. It's nerve wracking, overwhelming and somewhat exciting all at the same time.

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This school year, thanks to the help of four female celebs who chatted with us—music duo Lennon and Maisy Stella and the stars of Disney's Bizaardvark, Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu—we've got four foolproof tips for conquering the first day like a champ.

Read on and hit those books hard.

1. Be Yourself

If you're going to do one thing on the first day of school, be you! Maisy explained to us that it's critical to be yourself as much as humanly possible the moment you step through your school's doors.

"You want people to know you for you on the first day because it's your introduction to everyone," she said. "I feel like you really should be super honest and true to who you are, so people really know who you are and can love you for you."

First impressions are everything, so make good ones. ????

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2. Pick Out a Fierce Outfit 

For Lennon, feeling confident on the first day is the key to success.

"A good outfit really makes everything feel better," she revealed. "On second thought, [pick out] a really good outfit and a really cute pencil pouch and a really cute backpack, and then everything will just go smoothly."

If you love what you're wearing you'll exude positive energy—it's a fact!

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3. Be Prepared

If Olivia Rodriquez knows one thing, it's that being organized can help you feel way more calm, cool and collected.

"Being prepared for the first day of school is a must. I have to pack my stuff the night before and check my list and make sure I have everything because I'm not really a morning person," Olivia told us.

If you have things prepped and ready to go the night before, you'll feel way less rushed and ready to tackle the day the next morning. 

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4. Don't Stress 

Don't forget that going back to school is meant to be fun! Instead of freaking out over tests and quizzes that haven't even happened yet, think of all the good things that school offers, like getting to see some of your besties for the first time in months, having the chance to take fun elective classes and meeting potential new crushes.

Madison's advice is essential for anyone who gets those first day jitters: "I think that people should not stress too much about it. As long as you try hard and you go in and don't think too much about being popular, you'll be able to do it," she explained. 

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