Get Ready for School With One of These Standout Backpacks

Arguably the most essential back-to-school supply is the backpack.

If you're scrambling to find the perfect book bag you should be sporting as you walk through the halls, we're coming in clutch with these 12 adorbs options. Which one is calling your name?

Girl wearing brown backpack

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1. Pink Floral Backpack: $65

One word can sum up this book bag perfectly—gorgeous. From the pastel pink hue to the painted roses, this backpack is calling the name of every girly girl out there.

Pink floral backpack from



2. Space Backpack: $65

There's really no better way to show off your obsession with all things outer space than with a far out backpack like this one.

Space style backpack from Mokuyobi

(via Mokuyobi)


3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Backpack: $39.50

No one is too cool to admit that The Very Hungry Caterpillar was one of their favorite books growing up. Carry a little bit of your childhood around with you by rocking this bag.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar polka dot backpack

(via Quilted Koala)


4. Darth Vader Backpack: $50

Go ahead, admit to the world that you've finally joined the dark side with this space-print Darth Vader backpack.

Darth Vader galaxy-themed backpack

(via Nordstrom)


5. Pineapple Backpack: $35

Keep a slice of summer by your side with this pineapple-printed bag. How can you not feel like a positive ray of light when you're staring at this fruit all day?

Pineapple Jansport backpack

(via Jansport)


6. Ariel Backpack: $34.90

The little mermaid herself would certainly approve of you using a backpack inspired by her.

Ariel-inspired backpack

(via Hot Topic)


7. Pizza Hearts Backpack: $63.75

When you love pizza more than life itself, you know this is the backpack you need for school. Heart-shaped pizzas pretty much say it all.

Pizza Hearts backpack

(via Macy's)


8. Cat Backpack: $59.50

Isn't this the most purrrfect backpack you've ever seen? Cat lovers will sure think so!

White cat backpack

(via PB Teen)


9. 2D Backpack: $110

We get that this backpack is a teeny bit pricey, but it's so cool. You'll certainly trip out your fellow classmates and faculty with it.

2D pink backpack from Jump From Paper

(via Jump From Paper)


10. Velvet Backpack: $33

It'll almost be impossible to feel stressed when you have a backpack you can pet whenever you need to calm down a bit. Not to mention, it's rather stunning.

Blue velvet backpack

(via Asos)


11. Neapolitan Ice Cream Backpack: $16

Lunch may be your favorite subject if you're thinking about getting this guy. And it's an ice cream backpack, so who wouldn't want it?

Neapolitan ice cream backpack from Neff

(via Neff)


12. Clear Leopard-Print Backpack: $20

You'll easily be able to find anything and everything with a clear backpack. And the colorful leopard print gives it an extra boost of fabulousness.

Clear leopard-print backpack

(via Skinny Dip London)


Now if you're having trouble deciding on which one you should get, your zodiac sign is revealing just the backpack for you HERE.