Bento Box Lunches Might Just Be the Cutest Way to Dine

Foodies, set down your forks and knives and listen up.

Bento box lunches are officially the cutest food related thing this earth has to offer.

Panda bear shaped bento box lunch

(Photo Credit: Nataliya Arzamasova via Shutterstock

What's a bento box lunch you ask? It's a portioned meal usually containing rice, meat and vegetables (the good stuff!) that is very common in Japanese culture.

Bento boxes are by no means a new fad, but moms around the world have recently taken it upon themselves to create intricate and adorable designs using just the food in the box!

Take a look at 12 of our fave creations below and try not to drool.

1. Olaf Bento Box


2. Mermaid Bento Box


3. Giraffe Bento Box

Still on a #Zootopia high, another jungle lunch plus hot soup! 🙂

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4. Pokémon Bento Box

Freddie's packed lunch today #pokemon #yumbox #kyaraben

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5. Puppy Bento Box ????


6. Star Wars Bento Box


7. Chick Bento Box


8. Monkey Bento Box


9. Seal Bento Box


10. Snoopy Bento Box (Omg


11. Princess Bento Box ????


12. Pineapple Bento Box


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