The Most Fabulous Poses for All Your School Dance Photos

When it comes to a school dance, there are so many pics to take, so little time.

While you can always leave things to chance and let the photo ops arise organically, you might find by the end of the night that you haven't captured any of the images you wanted to memorialize. There goes one of your most important memories of high school.

Instead of risking it, we think you should go into the dance knowing at least a few of the iconic poses you want to recreate throughout the day. If you're at a loss, keep scrolling for some of our favorite tried-and-true poses of all time.

Pinning the Boutonniere

Eager to show off your adorable date on Instagram and remember the moment forever? Have someone snap a photo of you pinning the boutonniere onto his tux. It'll capture a sweet, intimidate moment between the two of you—and the pic will be even cuter if you're both glowing with happiness.


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The Selfie Shot

If you're snap-happy, you'll probably be taking plenty of selfies throughout the evening, but sometimes, a pic of the selfie-taking process from an outside perspective makes for an even more memorable photo. When parts of your group are posing for a selfie, document it for them, and have them return the favor for some truly unforgettable photos.


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The Candid

Highly posed photos are amazing for getting exactly the look you want, but you never know what magical candid moments there are to be captured as you're getting ready, or when you all crack up after pulling off a ridiculous pose. Tell whoever's taking the photos that they should sneak some pics in between the poses, and you'll be delighted by the off-the-cuff results.


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The Corsages

If you and the gals are all wearing lovely corsages, you'll want to get a close-up on them that immortalizes their beauty. Make them the focal point of at least one of your pictures so that you'll never forget them. Like the dance itself, fresh flowers don't make them last forever, but that doesn't mean you can't keep the memory around long after the event has come and gone.


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The Staircase

Sometimes, a photo of all of the girls standing in a straight line in their dresses can look a little bit static. Posing on along a staircase, with one person standing on each step, adds some interest and drama to the photo while showcasing every unique dress so no one's look detracts from anyone else's.


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Under the Confetti

Falling confetti makes everything more fun. Throw some confetti in the air and do a twirl with your date while someone snaps away and you're sure to have a photo or two that captures the fun and magic of the evening with a bold sense of movement.


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Dramatically Regal

In the right throne, anyone can look like royalty. Sitting poses can make you look effortlessly elegant and cool, with a hint of drama thrown in. Experiment with your leans and posturing and you just might wind up with photos regal enough to grace an album cover.


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Blowing a Group Kiss

Maybe this one's a cliché at this point, but we don't care because it'always eye-catching and easy to pull off. Get the girls together and have them all blow a synchronized kiss at the camera to capture your bold lip looks and fabulous dresses all at once.


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