5 Reasons Why School Dances Aren't Worth Your Time

Some of the most classic teen movies—including Sixteen Candles, Mean Girls and She's All That—are memorable mainly because the school dances in these films are crucial to the storyline.

However, so much of what we see on TV and movies is wildly exaggerated (does the biggest band geek ever really end up with the most popular school jock?)—and the importance of school dances is one of them.

While we're certainly all about school spirit, as well as swaying to Taylor Swift with our crush in front of hundreds of people—we also want to point out that it is A-OK to stay in on these seemingly important nights out.

Read on to find out why school dances aren't necessarily worth your time.

1. They're So. Much. Pressure.

Imagine looking around in sheer panic as soon as the music dials down, and either running to the bathroom or surrounding yourself with a ton of friends to avoid looking super awkward if you're not asked to dance. But even getting asked to dance can bring on equally uncomfortable emotions (Am I doing this right? Do I look stupid? I feel so awks looking my dance partner in the eye!).

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2. You Can Save Yourself from Stress and $ Leading Up to the Big Day

You could be doing something a lot more fun (and far less agonizing and expensive), like an organized kick ball game or a scavenger hunt around your town. What if your crush paired up with you on the hunt? The two of you are then part of a team that not only makes awesome memories, but they'll get to know you a little better, and realize that you are definitely as cool as your friends say you are. And even a movie night with girlfriends will take away from the nail-biter that is a school dance. School dances require more than just showing up. You'll need the right dress, hair, makeup, date—oh, my, just the thought is making our heads spin.

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3. You Can Avoid Unreasonably High Expectations

Expectations are set way too high before a dance. If it's your crush who asked you to the dance, as much fun as the two of you are having, the entire time, you're prob focused on whether or not they will ask you outout by the end of the eve. And if it's not your crush who asked you to the dance, you're secretly hoping a cutie will offer up their arm for a slow song. All this time, you are missing out on a great opportunity to just have fun with your friends. The pressure dances create by circumstances like these can make the night a disappointment, and you deserve better than that.


4. There are Other Ways to Get Involved in School-Sponsored Activities

If your parents prefer you take part in school-sponsored activities like a dance, ask your favorite teacher(s) for help in organizing something that you believe your friends and fellow students will enjoy. Maybe it's a principal-approved mural you and some friends want to paint on one of the outside walls of your school. Or maybe you can get the school involved in a karaoke contest or something fun and outside-of-the-box. Plus, these kind of activities involve everyone, so no one feels like they're left out. There are also a slew of charity and fundraising ideas you can easily promote.

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5. There are Plenty Other Ways to Create Incredible High School Memories

Few of your favorite memories will be made at a school dance. Sure, a dance may bring on a few cool Facebook photo-opps and some memorable laughs—but think of all the cool field trips, after-school sports, clubs, parties and so much more that will majorly overshadow some awkward sways in a dark gym.

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