Here's What All Your Dreams About School REALLY Mean

Dreaming about being in class is pretty common during the school year—but those dreams might be more than just a reflection of your everyday life.

Sometimes, those symbols in your dreams can have a deeper meaning than what you see on the surface. Scroll down to find out what these common school-related dreams might say about you.

Being Late to Class

Dreaming about being late to class can reflect the fact that you're not feeling ready for something. Maybe you're about to take a big next step and feel unprepared for it. It can also represent a fear of change. You might be letting a major opportunity pass you by in your waking life because you don't want to shake up things as they are. Being late to class can also mean you're worried about time running out. The future may seem scary because you're realizing that your time in school won't last forever. Maybe it's time to face these feelings and go out on a limb, even if you're scared of what might happen.


The Cafeteria

A dream about the school cafeteria is often a symbol that something is bothering you, but you haven't addressed it yet. In effect, something is eating you up on the inside. If you can, pay attention to what else is going around you in the cafeteria within your dream. It may point you in the right direction and help you tackle the issue head-on when you wake.


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A Classroom

If your dream takes place in a classroom, it may mean that you're eager to put away past childishness and rude behavior and grow up a little bit. You have a desire to exhibit more class and sophistication in your everyday life.

Of course, it's also common to dream about being in class during the school year, as it can be a simple reflection of your waking life in your dreams. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't look out for anything that might be meaningful.


Forgetting About Class

If you dream about missing class because you forgot about it, it can mean you're stressed about all of the responsibilities currently on your plate. You have so much going on that you're worried something important will slip through the cracks, and you feel that any additional duties would completely overwhelm you. Try stepping back and creating a concrete plan of action to ensure that you can handle things. If you can, you'll feel better about the situation, but if you can't, don't be afraid to drop something that isn't critical.



A dream about graduating represents that you're ready for a major change in your life. You're feeling good about your own achievements and you recognize everything you've accomplished so far in your life. Your confidence will get you through whatever lies ahead.

However, if you dream that you're unable to graduate for some reason, it means that you're having a hard time seeing the value of your efforts. You might feel like you're going nowhere, despite what you've done. You might not be giving yourself due credit. Take stock of what you've done and you'll recognize what you are really capable of.



Homework in a dream can represent a lesson that you're currently learning—or seeking to learn—in your waking life. Pay close attention to the type of homework you're doing and see if you can glean anything from it regarding the knowledge you seek.

Of course, if you're feeling overwhelmed with your homework in real life, it's natural for that to seep into your dreams. You may just be worried about getting all of your work done every night. The more hours you spend doing homework during the day, the more likely you are to dream about it.


A Locker

If you dream about your locker at school, it can symbolize potential that's hiding within you and waiting to be unlocked. Maybe there's an academic or creative side to you that is just waiting to be explored, but you haven't had the chance to unleash it yet. If you dream about not being able to enter your locker combination, it can mean you're feeling unsure of yourself and feel like you have talent to unlock but you're struggling to do so.

It might also mean there's something you're hiding (or trying to hide) from the people around you. There may be a secret you want to keep safe. Physical objects in the locker may represent these insecurities, so pay attention and see what you can learn from them.


P.E. Class

A dream about P.E. class can mean that you wish you could be more healthy and active outside of a school setting. It can also mean that you wish you could work better in a groups, like you might if you were part of a team sport. See if you can buckle down and strengthen those aspects of your life.

However, if you're feeling anxious about P.E. class—particularly if you're struggling to run the mile or pass other fitness tests—your dream can reflect that stress. It might be your mind's way of allowing you to mentally "practice" before the real thing.


The School Bus

A dream about a school bus can symbolize an upcoming journey. Maybe you're about to actually travel somewhere, or perhaps the journey will be a more spiritual or emotional one. The details of the bus trip can reveal more about what this will entail. If the ride is bumpy and dangerous, it may mean you expect difficulties on your upcoming journey. If you're surrounded by friends in the ride, it means that others may help you along the way.


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Skipping School

A dream about skipping school usually represents dodging responsibility. Something important is happening in your life, but you're avoiding it because it's a lot of work or you're worried about what the result might be. You might feel guilty about not taking this duty seriously, and that guilt is flowing into your dreams. It may be time to rise to the occasion.


A Teacher

Dreaming about a teacher can mean that you're seeking guidance. You're on the lookout for knowledge or need a bit of direction in your life. This may be related to school, but more often than not, this knowledge will be more widely applicable.

This can also mean that you're seeking external validation. You're trying to impress someone else in order to feel more confident and successful. If the teacher is kind to you, it might mean that you feel that you're already feeling this acceptance, but if you have a bad experience, it means you're still looking for someone else to recognize you. Try to learn the value of getting all of the inspiration you need from yourself, rather than others.


A Test

Taking a test in a dream can mean that you feel like your abilities are constantly being put to the test. You feel judged, like people are critical of your every move, and you want to do well so that you're viewed highly in the eyes of others. You may also fear failure, and are scared that your insecurities are being put on display as you take the test.

Failing a test in a dream can mean that you're not confident in what you can do. On the other hand, a perfect score in the dream means that you feel ready to take on any challenges that come your way.


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A Uniform

Wearing a uniform in a dream can have two opposite but equally valid meanings. On one hand, it can symbolize the fact that you don't feel like you belong, and that you're working hard to become a part of the group. You wish that you could fit in better, and crave uniformity with others.

On the other hand, it means that you should stop trying to fit in. The uniform might mean that you're blending in with the crowd, when instead you should try to assert your individuality and be your own person.


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