Extracurricular School Activities That are a MUST for Every Student

Extracurricular activities are something every single one of you should be a part of in high school.

Below are the seven extracurriculars every student can easily participate in, no matter what they're passionate about.

1. School Newspaper

If you thoroughly enjoy writing and hope to make a career of it some day, your school newspaper is definitely something you should join. You'll become a better writer and maybe even find a more specific field of journalism that interests you.

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2. Topic-Specific Clubs

Whether you're a drama queen or obsessed with outer space, there's a specific club you can and should join. This is also a great way to make new friends. You'll meet a bunch of other people who have an interest in common, so let that be a jumping-off point for your new friendship. And it's just really fun being a part of oddball clubs centered around a subject that interests you a ton.

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3. Tutoring

If you are the master of a certain subject, share your smarts with a poor unfortunate soul who needs a little extra help. You'll feel like a leader and walk away from the experience knowing you made someone's life that much easier. It also doesn't take that much time or effort to be a tutor either. But it has a huge pay off.

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4. Model United Nations

This is an excellent extracurricular to be a part of if you're not the best public speaker. It'll give you the confidence you need to present a speech in front of any crowd. You'll also see improvements in your writing, researching and critical thinking skills, to name a few. Basically this is the after-school activity to take part in if you hope to be a leader of the world.

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5. Sports

You'll learn to be a team player. You may be the standout player, but you're still nothing without a team to support you. Being on a sports team will also teach you how to juggle various responsibilities. Prioritizing your time so that you can get all your homework done, play a game and get a sustainable amount of sleep can be done. You'll just have to figure out how to do it properly.

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6. Band

You may excel at playing an instrument or are eager to learn one. Either way, band is for you. Not only will you be taught a new skill or you can perfect one you've been playing for a while now. Not to mention, you'll feel like a total rock star at all of your school's concerts. And, who knows, maybe one day you'll be in a successful band of your own.

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7. Student Government

Get involved and do something for your school by holding a position on your student government. You don't have to be student body president, unless you're up for the challenge, but you can simply be the treasurer or your class' spirit leader. Having a hand in making important school decisions will give you a great sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

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You'll meet all types of people while partaking in these extracurricular activities, so we're sharing THESE ways to deal with the various archetypes you'll encounter at school.