School For Good and Evil Is A New Classic!

The School for Good and Evil is the debut novel of film director and writer Soman Chainami. The book was a New York Times Bestseller, graced the Indie Bestseller List and was featured on Barnes & Noble's Best New Books of 2013 list. It's also slated to be made into a film by Universal Studios.The School For Good and Evil

For the past 200 years, two children over the age of twelve have been taken from the town of Gavaldon on the eleventh night of the eleventh month every four years.

There does not seem to be much method to which children are chosen. The children vary in age, but are always at least 12 years old.  Some years a girl and a boy are taken. Other years, both children are of the same gender.

The only pattern the townspeople have noticed is that one child is always a homely outsider with few friends. The other child is always beautiful and kind, whom all the parents want as their own.

No one knows where these kids go, but everyone has noticed that the missing children always seem to pop up in the new fairy tale books delivered to the town every year. The illustrations of the characters look suspiciously similar to the children who have gone missing.

It is rumored that the children are swept away of the School for Good and Evil, a fabled academy where students graduate as royalty and heroes or villains.

Sophia and Agatha are the perfect candidates for this year's kidnapping. Sophia loves pink, makes sure to look her best each and every day, and does her best to always be kind. She wants more than anything else to be swept away to the school to fulfill her dream as a princess.

She is confident that she has what it takes to be a princess and will be taken on the approaching eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Her friend, Agatha, is just the opposite. Agatha secludes herself at home, which happens to be located in the town graveyard. She lets her hair get oily and smelly, and wears only shapeless black gowns.

Her cat, Reaper, is a foul animal that attacks anything it can get its hands on, and she shrinks away from social situations. Everyone, including Sophia, expects her to be whisked away to the School for Evil, although Agatha doesn't want to believe that such a place exists.

Despite the villagers' efforts to protect their children, the two girls are taken away by a mysterious being. They find that the legendary school does in fact exist, but there's been a mistake. Sophia discovers that she is a new student at the School for Evil, filled with frightful children who don't seem quite normal.

Meanwhile, Agatha has found herself in the School for Good. Her classmates all look like aspiring princesses with long hair and perfect skin, wearing dresses in bright colors. Agatha sticks out like a sore thumb.

Both girls try to escape their schools, but it's impossible. The only way out of their new lives is to become characters in a fairy tale.

But has there really been a mistake, or have the girls' perceptions of themselves and each other been wrong this whole time? It's a tale of two girls realizing who they really are, and how you can't judge a book by its cover.

The School For Good and Evil will likely appeal to readers who enjoyed The Sisters Grimm series and the Beyonders books. If you're a fan of fairy tales in general, this will likely be a perfect fit!

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