These are All the Back-to-School Items You Need If You're a Virgo

Not only is it back-to-school time, today also marks the beginning of the season of Virgo.

Because Virgos are known for being incredibly hard workers, we thought we'd help make your first day of school easier by sharing just what you need for it to go off without a hitch.

From your outfit to your backpack, we've got this zodiac sign covered.

Female student sitting in the grass writing in her notebook with her backpack beside her

(Photo Credit: Maridav via Shutterstock)

Your Top: $6.99

Keeping it practical is what you're all about. A simple striped tee is perfect for you, especially because you'll be scurrying about all day and you don't want your clothes to weigh you down.

Black and white striped shirt from H&M

(via H&M)


Your Bottoms: $16

Because you're known for constantly staying on your grind, a skirt is just what you need to show off your fun side. Just because you're always working, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little play every once in a while.

Button-down khaki skirt from Make Me Chic

(via Make Me Chic)


Your Shoes: $24.90

Strutting your stuff in these loafers won't be difficult at all. They'll add to your confidence and really just pull your whole first-day look together.

Black faux suede loafers from Forever 21

(via Forever 21)


Your Backpack: $65

White is your color, Virgo! You need to rock your power hue whenever you can. And because you always need to be organized, this backpack will help you do that with the greatest of ease.

North Face white backpack

(via North Face)


Your Lunch Box: $16.50

This paisley-printed bag will keep your food in order throughout the day. It has designated compartments for the various components of your lunch. You can even personalize it with your initials. Does it get any better than that?

Paisley printed lunch bag from PB Teen

(via PB Teen)


Your Notebook: $14.50

You're all about hard work, but like everyone else, you need a little reminder to stay on the path to success. That's where this notebook with this inspiring one-word phrase comes into play. Keep on hustling!

Hustle black and white polka dot notebook from zazzle

(via Zazzle)


Your Pencil Case: $14

When people ask where you're running off to, simply flash them this pencil pouch and they'll take the hint. You've got plenty of dreams to turn into realities.

I Am Very Busy pencil case from

(via Bando)


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