13 Accessories That Will Turn Your Locker From Drab to Fab

School lockers, if not given a lil' bit of love, have the potential to be completely drab. But who wants dull when you can have fabulous?

Go all out this year by decking your storage space with these 13 accessories that will give your locker a total makeover. You'll be the talk of the halls. ????

1. Locker Shelving Unit: $24.99

Organization is the key to having a put-together space. This hot pink shelving station will help keep your books, school supplies and personal items tidy and in plain view. Just what you need!

Pink locker shelving unit from Target

(via Target)


2. Locker Chandelier: $14.99

Why not add a little spunk to your rather bland locker with this artsy chandelier? It's cute, chic and a conversation-starter if we've ever seen one.

Locker chandelier from Target

(via Target)


3. Letter Magnets: $2.49

Magnets are obviously a must-have locker decoration, but try mixing it up by purchasing ones that are unique, like these letters. You can personalize your locker by spelling out your name or fave motivational quote.

Letter magnets from Target

(via Target)


4. Polka Dot Locker Rug: $7.50

Even your locker's floor needs a little TLC. This teal polka dot rug is the solution. C'mon, it can't get much cuter than this.

Polka dot locker rug from PB Teen

(via PB Teen)


5. Go Get 'Em Locker Organizer: $14.50

Again, it's all about organization, so why not get tidy and inspired at the same time? This magnetic pencil and pen-keeper will keep you motivated and your school supplies well-kept.

Go Get 'Em locker organizer from PBTeen

(via PBTeen)


6. Dry Erase Dots: $8.50

These dry erase dots are ideal for jotting down quick reminders for yourself in between class periods. They're cute and practical all at the same time. Not complaining about that!

Dry erase dots for your locker

(via PBTeen)


7. Galaxy Locker Paper: $37.95

All we have to say is that you'll have the most far-out locker in your entire school if you dress up your space with this galaxy wall paper. ????

Galaxy wallpaper for your locker

(via Amazon)


8. Locker Beauty Board: $17

Sometimes, you honestly don't even have time to make a pit stop in the restroom in between classes. For the days you need a quick makeup touch-up, this beauty board will be a lifesaver. ????????

Locker beauty board from PBTeen

(via PBTeen)


9. String LED Lights With Mini Photo Clips: $5.99

Light up your locker and boost your mood with these super adorable string lights. Bonus: They include mini clips so you can attach your fave photos!

String LED lights with mini photo clips

(via Target)


10. Dry Erase Decal Calendar: $9.50

You're a busy girl. We understand. This dry erase decal calendar will help you keep calm and study on.

Dry erase decal calendar from PBTeen

(via PBTeen)


11. Pastel Magnetic Hooks: $8.79

Between your backpack, your house keys and your fave baseball hat, you have reason to invest in a couple of magnetic hooks. These mini pastel ones are petite enough to fit in your locker and not clog up the space.

Pastel magnetic hooks from Amazon

(via Amazon)


12. Succulent Magnets: $34.95

Bring the outdoors in with these oh-so-adorable baby succulents. You'll feel like you're getting a breath of fresh air just by opening up your locker door.

Succulent magnets

(via Gardener's Supply Company)


13. Locker Fringe: $5.99

And, finally, as icing on the cake, add some flair and privacy with this boho cute fringe curtain. Totally fab.

Locker fringe from Target

(via Target)


If you don't feel like spending a pretty penny on your locker space, we've got the perfect solution! Try making one of THESE 6 DIY locker accessories.