Thoughts That Run Through All Students' Heads Right After Finals

The moment you drop your pen after scribbling in the answer to your last test question of the year, is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying moments.

After you glide out the door on that final—and totally glorious—day of school, thoughts flood your head.

Let's take a sight of relief as we relive the things that go through our minds, post-exams, shall we?

Spongebob looking exhausted after studying

(via Nickelodeon)

1. "I can finally sleep!"

The week leading up to finals and the actual week of finals is filled with very little sleep. You're so deprived and ready to cuddle up in your bed and hibernate. Yay for not having to set an alarm!

2. "I want all the food!"

You've been in the zone all week long totally concentrated on acing those tests, so you may have forgotten to eat as much as you should. You better believe the first stop after your final test is to the local fro-yo joint.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid eating
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3. "Looks like I need to wear something other than sweatpants now…"

Who has time to get ready amongst all the studying? Def, not us! Taking a hot shower and putting on a cute outfit/makeup is something you're uber excited about after a week of rocking sweats.

4. "Oh shoot, my room is a total mess! ????"

The last thing on your mind when you have a five page paper to write and three quizzes to study for is cleaning. Piles of clothes are probably stacked up in your room and now you can finally get to cleaning it up! Oy vey.

Messy room in Big Hero 6

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5. "Oh, hey, friends! Long time no see!"

The one thing you've totally missed is social interaction! You can finally hang out with your besties outside of the library. Score!

6. "I've missed you, Insta."

If you've been laser-focused on your studies, you've probably hopped off social media for a few days. You can't wait to scroll through your feeds and see what you've missed in the world. Hello again, Snapchat and Instagram. ????????

7. "Buh-bye school notebook!"

The second that final bell rings, you probs have the total impulse to throw up your notebook in the air and watch your papers fly. We don't blame you.

High School musical scene where students throw their papers in the air

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8. "But wait, will I ever use the stuff I've just crammed in my head?"

You can't help but wonder if any of the information you've filled your brain with the last few days will even stick or matter in a couple of weeks. We hope it does!

9. "What now?"

Tbh, you feel a little awk and anxious now that your studying is complete! While you wait for your final grades, you wonder what you'll do. How about go to pool parties, veg out a bit and host a slew of sleepovers! It's summer! ????


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