6 Ways to Survive a School Bus Road Trip

Road trips can be super fun, but mostly when you actually get to your destination. Real talk: The drive there is usually not so fun.

If you're going on any type of school trip that requires a long car ride, don't panic, we've got you covered. Finding things to do on the road can be tricky, but with these tips and tricks, the time will pass in, well, no time!

A school bus and blue sky

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1. Make a Playlist

The absolute best way to get through a long drive is filling your phone or iPod with plenty of tunes. Spotify usually has great road trip playlists or just keep your eye out on New Music Friday for other great song inspo.


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If you haven't invested in a solid portable charger yet, look no further than this neat external battery charging case. Sure, other portable chargers are cool, but this one is even better because you won't have to carry around any extra cords or packs.

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3. Pack Snacks

Snackage is key when going on any kind of road trip, so tell the squad to each bring a few items and you can all share them on the bus. It's important to pack things like nuts and fruit for protein and electrolytes so that you'll feel full longer. Electrolytes are also important to replenish when spending time out in the heat, so you're really just stocking up for more fun in the sun later on.


4. Podcasts

Podcasts are a beautiful thing when it comes to road trips, and a great one will keep you interested for hours. We came across an excellent choice by one of our fave Glee actresses Jenna Ushkowitz. Infinite Positivities is a podcast all about living life with a positive outlook. Jenna speaks to different actors, authors and experts about how to live your best life and feel more confident in everything that you do. This is obviously a podcast we can get behind and is perfect for you and a friend to listen to on a long drive.


5. Bring a Book

Because reading isn't just for summer, bring a couple books on the bus. A series would be ideal if you want to read the whole ride–that way you won't finish a book and be stuck without the next one!


6. Bust out the Road Trip Games

Get a group together and play a few fun games on the bus because you might even learn a thing or two. Carpool karaoke, guessing games and geography games are the best way to include everyone and still have a blast.

We've just given you guidance to surviving a road trip with classmates, but we have THESE six equally sound tips to surviving a road trip with the fam!