If You Wear a School Uniform, You'll Relate to These 6 Struggles

If you like to sleep in every morning, then there's definitely an upside if you're stuck wearing a school uniform.

Yep, uniforms certainly eliminate the task of having to rummage through your closet each morning to put together the perfect ensemble—but aside from that, there are a handful of cons associated with the obligation to wear the same thing every day.

If you wear a school uniform, we feel your pain, and we think you'll relate to the six struggles below:

1. You Have No Individuality

Your high school years are a pivotal time when it comes to finding yourself. What better way to let your creativity flow than by dressing self-expressively? Oops, no such luck when you're confined to the same pair of pants and tucked in polo shirt each day.

a girl types on a computer at school in a uniform

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2. You Constantly Have a Lack of Clean Clothes

You're forced to do laundry excessively—or simply, you just wear dirty clothes all the time. There are only so many pairs of the same top and bottom you really want to buy.


3. You Get in Trouble for Wearing the "Cooler" Line of the Uniform Brand

Obviously there's one specific brand of clothing required for your school's uniform, but students at your school probably sport a similar, "cooler" line in stores (Dickies, for example, look way better than Dockers!). Maybe it's the fit or the slightly darker shade, but these somehow up the uniform look—something that doesn't fly with your on-campus superiors. Just how many times have you been cited for breaking dress code with these darn replacement pants?


4. One Size Fits All?

Um, hi, school uniforms—do you not realize that students come in all shapes and sizes? Why is it that unless you have a straight and narrow frame, these articles of clothing fit horrendously?

Girl with glasses wearing a school uniform

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5. They're Not Cute

How nice would it be if our uniforms came in millennial pink or neon blue? Ha! Think again, because instead you run the daily risk of staining that stale white top of yours.

a group of boys and girls sit on a ledge at school wearing uniforms

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6. You're Easily Cited for Breaking Uniform Policy

Polo buttoned down too far? Shirt untucked? There are so many silly rules applied to uniform wear that it's almost impossible not to break them—even when you're seriously trying to abide.


We get that the individuality struggle is real, so we're bringing you THESE tips on how to stand out in a school uniform.